Saitama has finally FULLY released its first wave of Saitamask tokens! In this video we go over Saitamask, Saitama & what we should expect with Saitama!

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In this channel you’ll find all things crypto-related that I feel is HOT and ready to do well. Of course, always DYOR before you get into a project as these are my opinions and should be taken with a grain of salt.


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  1. Tried to swap, but the loading data logo just kept saying loading data! Never loads though!

  2. Great Update …
    Not on Android ….tried new 1.10.2 still just Opens then Closes.
    I cleared Cache…try again

  3. Hey Classy can you pls do vedio on how to get Saitama to Saitamask from Lbank hotbit

  4. Swap not working. Tough staying positive at this point. Most people won’t be able to get Lilly and that will be a disaster

  5. GUYS!!!! just ran into russ at the local buffet and he shouted out…… shibaaaaaaadooooge to the moon

  6. Trying to add Ethereum and Saitama to my wallet but get a ” Invalid QR warning ” copied and pasted the address and looked like it worked but have not seem my ethereum in wallet for over 12 hours …anyone know what is going on? did send this info to the address listed on twitter but have not heard back yet … if I miss out on Lilly I will be really pissed.

  7. Still no swap it’s really only working maybe a zone thing but if I can’t get lilly after huge purchases of saitama then iam done

  8. I’m invested in Saitama, have the app, have a Saitamask wallet, made 2 swaps, overall cost were through the roof, pissed about that, had 5 swaps with errors and lost ETH on them didn’t do anything different, application at fault, this will be a huge problem if not fixed, this is using both the 1.10.1 version and 1.10.2 version, un installed re installed still can not swap tokens will not load after picking them, if not fixed soon I’ll loose more money then I have so far, tough place, you want to load up on Saitama before it takes off, so you can buy the other tokens, but I’m getting fucked for using it early, I support team, but roll out socks and costs

  9. Wow every time they didn’t give us Saitamask when they didn’t come through there was a pump now that they did come through where’s the pump

  10. the swap does not work. ITS NOT FINALLY HERE LIKE YOU SAID DUDE. Show a video of your swap and show us that it works for you. Would be interesting for you to try.

  11. i get a forever loading screen on the swap function. Was working fine on version 1.10.1,
    but not in the 1.10.2 version. Any suggestions?

  12. Haven’t seen my saitama for over 2 weeks on coinbase wallet. I can see the balance on etherscan but I don’t know what to do next. I need help.

  13. I made 3 swaps and keep getting Error swap token for insufficient founds and lost about 0.01Eth on nothing !😒
    Did u guys get that issue transaction prosses error ?

  14. Why don’t they test the app before going live. Now the swap doesn’t load and even if you want to send your tokens out, that doesn’t work either.

  15. After android update swap not working.when we select the coin to swap it keep on’s happening for most of the people.. again we may need one more version to fix this.

  16. the app is STILL not working on my phone, even after updating and clean install…

  17. I hold Saitama. I’m not going to bother with Saitamask until the team irons out all these problems… Maybe a month or 2… I hope I dont lose my money in the mean time…

  18. I can only see the eth/saitama swap. The others are not available…

    Also I sent a very small ammount of Eth to test, and it is not showing up in my $ only shows ammount when you try and swap it. The app is NOT ready! Please stop bigging up a shit show man!

  19. still dont work on my phone. so ive given up on saitama… im gonna miss lilly launch :( Gewtting tired of hearing saitamask is fixed an working!!!!! no… no it is not…… atleast not for a good chunk of us. ive never seen an app launch this broken.

  20. It’s not working. I have had three error swaps, zero successful, and the worst part is that the fee was charged so I lost eth even on the error swaps. Costing me money!

  21. “Some tokens arent there”…I guess they didnt want to be associated with a loser.

  22. what about android? apparently you have all your tokens . what about the rest of us?

  23. Just out of curiosity, is anybody else having problems with the swap. I’ve done all troubleshooting. And when I go to bring the swap up to actually swap coins it keeps saying loading data and it won’t stop. I’ve done everything cleared out the cache, uninstalled, reinstalled, put in my username and password. And still doing it. Somebody please tell me there’s something going on with it so I don’t feel like I’m losing my mind

  24. yo I still can’t get on this Saitamask with none of my phones Android or iPhone well heck this coin is cost me more frustration