Saitamask has been going through a period of delays as the Saitamask application SHOULD be working soon. Saitama has been going through a bit of a downtrend as Saitama is holding the 19s.

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In this channel you’ll find all things crypto-related that I feel is HOT and ready to do well. Of course, always DYOR before you get into a project as these are my opinions and should be taken with a grain of salt.


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  1. Thanks for making it clearer and easier! Do you mind checking out Campfire Token and explaining it to us?

  2. what are you doing, is this the way they are going to top in 10 project.Development team must deliver without any fud.
    I think dev is the biggest fud for saitama

  3. PHUCK russ & Shitama! Now I wont have to put up with anymore BS reporters clutching at straws trying to save their asses from all of the people that got to buy in to this shit coin! I’m going to go ahead and take the loss!

  4. I agree, they really need to stop giving dates and shit! Its making it look like a pump and dump and we all know things don’t always go as planned, but when they keep doing it constantly, it’s fucking annoying 🤦‍♂️ will they learn after the 100th time of doing it? Probably not!

  5. My wallet works but my tokens only show up in Swap not on homepage so It doesn’t show value . Is there something I’m doing wrong? I wanted to send back but I can’t

  6. Psychology baby this team is good at it . It’s fishing ,. They know there worth and playing there positions

  7. Issue is, Saitama rolled out a product that isn’t working. Why? Just wait until it is fully functional.

  8. The Campfire Metaverse rocket just launched, everyone fill your bags ✌️

  9. Id get in early right now becuz you’ll get huge bags from early incentives rewards

  10. Watch out for the Campfire token, they’re going to the moon! 🚀🚀

  11. Saitama prices are way higher on saitamask .. not sure how they will manage LP properly.

  12. They will work it out. Just gotta be patient. I’m in no hurry. Not going to get rich tomorrow. So I don’t even stress about it. It’s going to be a great app

  13. I invested my money in Saitama for the future not for now. I don’t understand why some “holders” are looking at the project under a microscope. If you are that concerned then you shouldn’t be an investor period. Holding strong for the long term, invest what you can afford to lose, don’t blame Saitama if you aren’t seeing the ROI that you anticipated. In a few years you will kick yourself no matter the outcome ie. I should’ve invested more or I should’ve pulled out. Roll with the times. 💎💎💎

  14. Well what happened was they delayed the delayed to only give us a better entry!!! LFG!!!

  15. Campfire metaverse is on fire right now, don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!

  16. Fill your bags with Campfire token before its too late, don’t say I haven’t told y’all.

  17. Not a shitcoin, you should be pledging your alliance to CAMPFIRE🔥 great project with huge potential

  18. Everything is working. The swap is working, well at least mine.

  19. Quick question: I sent my saitama to my wallet address in saitamask. It’s been more then 30 minutes and no balance still…

    I’m assuming that the wallet address is strictly ETH and not saitama? Probably just lost my entire saitama investment :(