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  1. Saitamask working flawlessly yet no movement. Price drop, not moving higher.

  2. im still down on my Saitama but will continue to hold.
    project feenix v2
    is up exponentially.
    still early for all to make good gains 👍💰 💰💰💰💰💰💰

  3. Someone help. If I don’t want to spend my Saitama in my Coinbase wallet do I need to send ethereum to saitamask swap for Saitama then swap for Lilly?

  4. Thanks 🙏 bro 😎 Happy Chinese New Year 🧧 good luck 🍀 to everyone’s Wolfpack Family around the world 🌎 love ❤️

  5. I hope my app updates soon. It worked for days leading up to Sunday then insta closes every time I open. I’ve tried everything from peanut butter in charge port to jelly on the screen still no work Maybe later today 🤞

  6. The whale leaving because they no longer think this project will be worth staying in. Sad

  7. Great video! Whether you are investing directly or indirectly in property, Bitcoin has been the greatest investment for me and my family for the past years, thanks to Charlotte Junko Walsh if not for her I won’t have gone far with my vision in crypto trade and was able to achieve my dream job of becoming a CRB, I’m seriously considering buying a lot of Commercial property with your education I feel more informative on my upcoming Trades. God bless you Mrs Charlotte

  8. You sound young and dumb whales drop dead projects. Here’s some advice those so.called whales are connected to the project and Russ only hypes and tweets bullsh17 when one of his buddies want out. Saitamask will be rebranded as something else, and Russ will rugg

  9. Saitama is consolidating and gain 1000 holders a day mate. it will balloon up in a year .