SHIBA INU – Shib Token


SAITAMA INU: THE BIGGEST CRYPTO SCAM! (BE CAREFUL!) – Saitama Inu Token Saitama inu coin and saitama inu token are a scam. Saitama inu scam and saitama inu crypto scam. Should you saitama inu buy and saitama inu coin buy?

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  1. Thank you for your video mate. I was almost being a SCAM victim of this Saitama Inu coin.

  2. I’m holding 364trillion coins n I’m make free billions a day.. n I been down since june2 n saitama made me rich…

  3. Dude, just a question. Who payed for you for such an amateur and non-professional video?

  4. Saitama dumping shiba pumping time to fomo back fomo investors 😂😱

  5. Clearly using multiple wallets to collect the most of reflection to avoid Equal distribution

  6. Where are you Saitama Inu Army? Saitama falling down … down …down, the good opportunity to buy the deep deep deep … and finally make a few devs a millionaires :)

  7. I hope it goes to cero in a few weeks. People need to learn to invest in good projects

  8. It’s sad how this guy went to Saitama AMA, saw how honest the community is, SAID HE CHANGED HIS MIND and now he’s spreading FUD again. I rarely leave a dislike on any video, but this guy deserves it. Grow a beard and get a life kid!

  9. Bro, they have live AMA we can see the dev team, you are really just spreading FUD. Whats your point into saying something is a scam when you have no clue bro. You re going to ruin your credibility bro. If I was you, I would stop creating these videos. Take the time to o real research and reach out to the team and ask you questions.

  10. The only scam is you on YouTube, making slanderous accusations. I hope you have a good lawyer. I’m sure the developers are getting their Lawyer.

  11. Bro, how do we take your opinion seriously when you can’t even pronounce the name of the coin?

  12. Pronouced Saitama the a is silent please pronounce it right…….

  13. AGAIN!!!! If you can’t learn how to say the F*ing name, you shouldn’t be making videos on it. Hearing him say the name is like nails on a chalkboard!

  14. I knew this shit was a scam!!! Straight rug pull action!

  15. You have good lawyers? Defamation lawsuit in the making! Keep running Saitama Inu in the dirt and find out!


  17. What’s strange is how you monitoring everyone’s wallets….. #Fedsinthebuilding #Drysnitching 👮‍♂️👮‍♂️🕵‍♂️🕵‍♂️

  18. Should research before posting a video. They are very open about everything… they would’ve explained and would probably do a live with you..

  19. Honestly you proly right. Alot of projects do things like this. It’s called slow rug pulling. The coin would go up in value because of the attention and publicity it’s getting. But they have tons of wallets selling tokens and stagnates the growth. I see people bashing paperhands in these projects all the time, but the devs really be cashing out and then laughing in the chat. A fool and his money shall soon be parted.

  20. Yoo mouse quit deleting my comments 🤣 you mad or what I’m saying facts

  21. CryptoSkies can you do a deeper research on this terrible scam please? Thank you.

  22. This token starting to rub me the wrong way someone posted on Twitter that devs owned 200trillion 3 months before they launched token. It was shown in a outdated photo of saitamask that saitama posted themselves dated 4/14/21. Devs are transparent ok, but does they mean they won’t scam us. I have not been getting shit for my 1.2 trillion coins I hold from the 2% lately

  23. Those wallets are just whales 🐋 lol bro re, analyze saitama & speak to the devs

  24. Hey buddy, just wondering why you declined their AMA if you’re so confident in what you’re saying?

  25. Shib isn’t dead. Just got listed on Webull desktop version. One of about nine other coins you can buy on their. Testing phase to be able to buy via app happening now. Also listed on Coinbase Custody.

  26. It’s crypto! That’s what people do!!! It’s not illegal to have different wallets 😂! You’re funny dude!

  27. Sorry bud, but when so many things get suspicious, you might ask yourself if you’re missing something, and/or don’t know how crypto works in the background. As others have already suggested, devs are very much opened, so contact them, host an AMA, and make another video to clear things up. I’m sure most of your suspicions would go away.

  28. How useless fellow ur , first time Dev’s are very transperant and ur telling it’s a scam see ur likes and dislikes and feel shame

  29. This guy is the biggest tool in the tool box. Saitama a scam?!?!? I bet you woke up this morning feeling like an idiot.

  30. It’s definitely not looking like a rug pull now lol🤑🤑🤑🤑. Hope no one gave up their bags based on what Crypto skies said😮🤐

  31. You still got the dumb video up Saitama is on a current bull run. Thank you fudder now we are mooning makes your video look bad.