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In This video I discuss Saitama Inu Coin and give you a Saitama update. We talk about a Saitama Price Prediction. We also discuss Saitamask and Staking the possibility of Saitama having NFT’s Saitama is a new crypto currency with a lot of potential. Some people say it is just a meme coin while others consider it a community based token or alt coin. I think Saitama has a chance to be the next Shiba Inu coin. We also talk about how you can buy Saitama on Uniswap. So if your looking for a crypto that is the next 100x coin and not a rugpull you have come to the right place. Saitama has a 2 billion dollar market cap that is not showing on Coin Gecko or Coin Market Cap. In my opinion Saitama Makes a great new crypto to buy. We will also discuss the progress of the certik audit for saitamask. Saitamask will cause large amounts of Saitama coin to be burned. This is not financial advice and I’m not a financial advisor. Please do your own research when investing in any Crypto!

About The Host
Larry Has Over 28 years of business experience in 3 different industries. He holds holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing Management. He really enjoys Crypto Investing.

All videos on this channel are for entertainment and educational purposes. and We talk about all things Crypto Everyday and Every night. All videos and views expressed by the hosts and guests are not to be considered to be financial advice. No one appearing on this channel is a financial advisor. In addition any written comments on this video by hosts, guests, or viewers are not to be considered financial advice. Nothing on this channel should be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell a particular crypto asset, stock, or other investment.
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  1. Saitamask will not allow us to access, two days ago we were able to access.

  2. Been holding 1.5 Trillion for awhile. Still can’t see the 500 billion I sent to Saitamask on January 8th. Just says $undefinedUSD

  3. I have been a big supporter , been telling people to be patient and all that. I hold 1.5 Trillion , but I think that if tomorrow this thing doesn’t work right and I get screwed out of buying Lilly the minute it drops I think I’m out.

  4. no fuding but not one launch has gone right so far so I expect sunday and tuesday launch to go bust as all the previous ones.

  5. If it doesn’t work I’m gonna sell it all for Shiba Inu. Unfortunately they don’t have their act together.

  6. Should I have to sell on Tuesday after lily token is announced.. or before..? I don’t want to see another big drop like LV event and last month…lol

  7. こんにちは、これはコラボに興味のあるピーター・イムです! ラリーに興味があれば教えてください

  8. If i cant buy Lilly because my app is still crashing im still holding so i can atleast enjoy my reflections and price increase.

  9. Lol it won’t work I’m sorry.. I’m selling as soon as it pumps a little bit

  10. The stakes are very high. If Saitamask works well we will rocket. If it doesn’t we will crash. You can’t keep failing no matter how much potential or strong community vibe a project has. I’m perplexed with the urge to set these definitive deadlines that result in hacker alerts plus an urge to trade short term to take advantage of the resultant pump and dump…This fuels the narrative that insiders are definitely scamming hodlers. IMHO it’s much less risky and long term profitable to successfully launch the app and then inform the masses. Time will tell but Sunday will be the moment of truth :)))

  11. Saitacrap still doesn’t work. I sold mine for shinja 3 days after the release, best thing I did. Checked now and still doesn’t work. How is this not a scam the signs are all there.

  12. Come Sunday, if the app is not working as promised and then more excuses are given, it’s into the coffin for Saitama. The COO and Dev have not been held to a high standard by the Wolfpack. Can’t always be positive and nice when it comes to your money. It’s just business, nothing personal.

  13. Don’t we all hear that tomorrow is the big day and did it ever come trough when they say

  14. Saitamask not working in the netherlands,i am not getting the activationcode and sometimes network issue,if its not working sunday i will sell my saitama tokens

  15. Like I said, it’s not working. You can’t buy or swap with Saitamiss and no surprise there. Unfortunately they CANNOT get their act together. I’m selling ALL my Saitamiss and buying Shiba Inu before the market starts to pump. I should have never listened to Saitamiss and all their BS. Bottom line, they are FAILURES.

  16. A lot of people are going to be pissed when they see the price of lilly. 1 to 1 swap means 1 saitama is 1 lilly token. I pray I’m wrong…

  17. Some bugs…

    Add a token to track. Reboot. Token disappeara from list.

    Wallet does not show tokens.

    2FA authentication disabled.

    Unable to change profile pic.

    Only ERC network.

    Close the app. Next time it does not ask for password.

    Saitama Inu….Inu was dropped.

    Many users still unable to log on.


    And you think swap will be ready?

  18. is there anyone to guide, i can not login with correct password. saitamask showing password incorrect but i tried reset password then same issue unable to login.although i sent eth from metamask to saitamask and now i am unable to login saitamask

  19. I have an Android phone and the app crashes every time i try to open the app. The only way I can use it is to split screen it with another app and it works just fine.

  20. Lucky those who working mine still not .cant get any further from activation code its seems buffer and than nothing .holding 1 trillion of saitma if I didn’t get in before tuesday I m going to sold mine 90 bil

  21. If crashing on android, open app and immediately hit home screen button. Have to do it fast. Then open tabs, click saitamask app and it will open. Read this on another vid comments. It worked! Please do a vid on this to get word out!

  22. Yeah bro it needs to work.. .. I’m having a knee jerk reaction right now because my app was working all week but today it’s not…. I was here long term but I can’t continue I will have to move on…if it doesn’t work today