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  1. Whats annoying about it is people want to get lilly finance and like it’s fixed to let some in

  2. Inpatient? What do you mean, saitama has failed to deliver multiple times since November 8th. Cmon man be real. Over promised no delivery

  3. I’ve tried 8 swaps and only 1 went through, the saitama isnt in my wallet either. The failed swaps still removed the eth gas fees

  4. We cannot keep defending this team, they showed nothing but incompetence. The app was supposed to launch November and 3 months later its still not working properly

  5. You Saitama holders are dumb asf, all yous are waiting is for his next new excuse ahahhaha😂😂

  6. I’m in the UK and mine works fine, people who have had enough of delays just sell your bag, simple. No point moaning about it, sell. You either believe in the project and accept some delays or you don’t. Personally I’m in and have been since last July but I understand not everyone shares my enthusiasm so please stop moaning and fuding and sell and move on, there are thousands of other projects and if this one is so bad it won’t be difficult to find a better one will it.

  7. An app exchange is not new technology, these bugs could’ve/ should have been figured out during the audit. What’s the point launching an app that does nothing.

  8. It’s a faulty application plain and simple. Quit making excuses for the company’s incompetence.. .

  9. They could have been huge…hire a pr person, hire a decent PM, They had it in their hand and they are blowing it…Stop allowing the engineers from talking to the public

  10. anyone ever heard of patience? guess not, i mean why would you even start using the app prior to it being 100%. Just be patient and wait

  11. I have Saitama and have downloaded the app and will hold for the longer term, I also recognise that there can be teething issues with new innovations, however, let’s be real here, this is the 3rd time Saitama have messed up their launches of SaitaMask, the first with the big launch event in Las Vegas I think it was, the second after the so called bot attack which other YouTubers with knowledge in this area have questioned and the 3rd with this launch! Each time we have been told that everything is ready to go, that the dev team has been working all hours to make sure that everything goes smoothly and it never has, it is Saitama who have raised these expectations, Saitama who have told us on each of these failed launches that everything is ready to go and so I find it difficult to accept what I see as excuses for failure and YouTubers such as yourself supporting those excuses! they have fallen short and this needs to be recognised. Will they eventually get this running as it should? I believe yes, will Saitama become a success eventually, I believe yes, that’s why I continue to hold, but without doubt they have messed up multiple times and need to get their act together moving forward!

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  13. SaitaMask is operating more like 70%. Issue with transfered ETH still not showing in wallets, I was unable to swap for the entire day yesterday and finally early AM I was able to get the swap feature to work…I thought… my personal swap has been and still is stuck in processing for the last 10hrs and no way to contact support

  14. I get its new but when you try and swap eth to the coin and it errors out and they take you eth as it errors not is not cool and you loose money trying to buy.