SHIBA INU – Shib Token

Saitama is EXPLODING Towards all-time high!

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  1. We love you Adam! You are by far the best most honest YouTuber. Thank you for inspiring us, and helping us. You truly are a god send. Thank you 💜

  2. The MMA fight is not being aired on A&E the way SaitamaGuru said it would. This should leave a very bad taste in all holders mouths.

  3. ADAM, I have reasons to believe that if Dogecoin breaks that $0.25 resistance this week, it will explode in an upward trend.

    Check out the bicycle (2-wheels) and the bull flag. Of course there is w chance it can go the other way. I am putting my money on Upwards

  4. I’m really new to this and I want to buy some Saitama very bad. However, I have set up my metamask and pancake swap accounts on my laptop that has Chrome but I haven’t the slightest idea of how to do the trade/swap and the videos that explain the process aren’t detailed enough for a beginner. Can you please make a video to help us , step by step , so that we can help you to take Saitama to the top. Thank you so much in advance. Kelvin