It is all coming together saitama will be one of the biggest coins out there!

Watch me turn 1K to 1 MILLION here

This is not financial advice I am not a financial advisor this is just for entertainment purposes only!


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  1. Not gonna use Saitamask until they accept usd deposit & lower the gas fee. Since they only accept eth transfer, have to pay eth transfer(gas) fee + another high gas fee to swap eth to saitama + more gas fee to swap saitama to lilly. That is too much of gas fees. Must be able to buy saitama wirh usd than swap with other coins. If not, zero advantage using saitamask.

  2. *It requires money to make money this is the best secert I have ever heard we don’t make money we make multiple money.*

  3. Did you say properly working? Far from it my friend. Swapping still not working. I hope it is fixed asap.

  4. Saitama might make progress if only the Dev team can clean up some mess

  5. Did you just say Saitamask is properly working????? Yeah, I’m done watching your videos.

  6. Dev team doesn’t know what there doing . App still doesn’t work . People still can’t register network errors , 401 errors . App won’t even open on my android phone .

  7. Hi luis will you trasfer your saitama to SM (paying fees) or are connected your wallet to SM with seeds?Thank you

  8. Hey bro, I have downloaded Saitamask but I still can’t gain access, they keep sending me activation code but after entering the code it tells me that the code I entered is incorrect. What do I do?

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  12. How much do they pay you to pump this bullshit. Saitama is a horrible project with way too many lies.