Saitama is currently going through a solid support as the 19s have been held multiple times. In this video, I go over that & what’s current happening in cryptocurrency relating to Saitama!

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✅About Me : I was initially dragged in by a game called “Axie Infinity” which was an NFT Play To Earn game that hyped the heck out of me since I was challenger in League of Legends before crypto. I have a hyper competitive drive & always strive to give the best content and look after my viewers in the same light as I would my friends.

In this channel you’ll find all things crypto-related that I feel is HOT and ready to do well. Of course, always DYOR before you get into a project as these are my opinions and should be taken with a grain of salt.


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  1. I feel like we will be close to dropping a zero if saita mask gets going soon

  2. My wife said I was crazy buying the last dip a few times. I showed her my wallet a few minutes ago. lfg! The chance of knocking the next 0 off or ATH will be directly related to it getting listed on a major exchange. It could happen at any time and those already holding will have the best upside.

  3. Holding yes, Waiting yes, patiently?, we’ll mostly but it is a bit nerve racking

  4. Smurf Inu token on binance smart chain. Not the ethereum one. Just deployed earlier this morning. Not even 500 holders yet. Running like a mug at the moment. Super low market cap and supply of only 1 billion.

  5. Brooooooooo the moment Lilly says they are going live this thing will erupt. I disagree with you on a month or two. Come on.

  6. LIVE 😂😂😂 of course like the last time do you never get bored shilling bull shit

  7. I support the project but I find these ama useless they do.more harm then good cause it’s never the news that people are praying for which causes a dip cause people aren’t happy

  8. to save saitma they need to burn 30%
    then it will be on the map

  9. Just bought $1000, – on 0.000000017 got the same amount as in Dec for $5500,-
    Fire sale people!! I’m still a believer
    This wus my last stand!!
    Stay classy, hold on Wolfpack

  10. Holding, things will work out, in six months when this is up and running we will look back and be so glad we did not give up on Saitamask

  11. “I’m okay with it going to zero” listen to what you are saying, everything should be long term plays there bud….not everyone has time to day trade, they have to and leave it, that the better play every day of the week. Your narrative has changed about Saitama to the negative, its like someone just offered you money to talk negatively about it, we’ve all seen it before. I am not going to support this kind of crap anymore honestly. First off, all crypto is is down in a major way, not just Saitama. While keeping in mind that ALL CRYPTO and STOCKS at the lowest they’ve been in some time… Ask yourselves this: Do I know how to start and run a business, Sales and marketing, coding/designing/programing for all the different areas, make sure they are secure, people money is safe. I have been holding Saitama since close to the beginning, ive been up $18k with Saitama and down $4k and I havent taken one dime. It needs a strong community of holders and real investors that understand that you have to be patient and we will all get rich when fomo sets in. Im sick of stay at home youtubers thinking they are professionals but “this is not financial advice. You notice every time he says a point, at the end he says…Saitama is down or its not in a good place….bla bla! lol
    People……..Please do you own homework or research, someone that says: “im fine with it going to zero” means hes getting paid to say that, doesnt have any money it in, or has no flipping clue what he is talking about. Im not mad and not trying to be a jerk but damn man do your research…..BETTER! I want people to get the correct information. I am deleting this channel and will not support this.

  12. Oh yeah, here is the pump and another massive dump on the way, if you hold saitama sell now while its up, this will be the last time saitama pumps.

  13. I have tried numerous times to get answers with no response. When did the Dev team put in the applications and pay the application fees for each top tier exchange? These major exchanges have been mentioned since last year by Russ and other Devs. Hype is only as good as solid proof to back it up.

  14. Saitamask is working, error code 401. Hit forgot password then it’ll say put in email then it’ll say don’t recognize email then it’ll give you a re-create option. re-create and you are good 👍 guaranteed