#saitama russ ama with David gokhshtein

#saitama #saitamask #saitamawolfpack #saitamainu #russ #david #gokhshtein


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  1. At least my 8 year old son will benefit from saitama when he’s 28 🤣
    It should have the swap function open by then

  2. How many of the Dust wallets are what’s left after the massive declines. I can see a lot of people only willing to invest a couple hundred in this project only to find a current balance of a few dollars. Synopsis, we couldn’t produce an app, so we make a fake attempt, only to pull it back. Once again everyone is out to get us for some unknown reason. So, holders just howl and believe in me because I am smart. I would bet hard cash that all the other exchanges could care less what some meme token is doing. Talk about delusional. I feel stupid for investing before the reveal I really should have waited but I listened to all the hype from Austin Hilton and Jake. I feel like calculating all the time I have wasted on this token and sending an invoice to them and Russ with a Demand notice. Yes, I am bitter and pissed.

  3. The little bit i heard sounded like a dunk contest. I shut it off. Wasnt exspecting much. Smh

  4. My sister put in 200 at ATH and is worth less then 50 she has never sold but your saying she is not a holder lol silly silly

  5. Every time I hear u talk all I hear is only fans… where’s the 48 million dollars #shinja

  6. Hey Sandstorm,

    Check to see how many Dust wallets Shibnobi has too and stop putting out all the biased content. We get it, you’re anti-Saitama. You’ve made your point. I can’t wait til Saitama gets there shit together so that you can find another project to shit on everyday.