Saitama Update! It’s Sunday evening and Saitamask trading is still not working.

Saitama Update! It’s Sunday evening and Saitamask trading is still not working.

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  1. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Hey boss it is working now…Still warming up.. but running well🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. I think I lost $500. Got Eth to put in wallet. And now not working. This wallet is the worst. They should have done beta first, guess we are the beta, and lost.

  3. I’m in! Swap isn’t working yet, but looks like I can buy etherum and Saitama

  4. More empty promises, wish they would just announce AFTER the launch is successful! Hodling as I believe in the project long term.

  5. I can’t believe this, certainly not a good look. I’m not sure if to rejoice or to panic 😱

  6. Russ is a conman. Lilly is a rug pull. It’s total bs. Quit drinking the kool aid people.

  7. Why would you take them at their word? They said this product was ready to go in November. They lied that it was going to get released. They lied about listings. They lied about marketing and dropping zero’s. they lied about the DDOS. They lied about Saitamask being ready with version 1.1, 1.2 etc. Maybe Saitamask will eventually work, but why would you think it will continue to work or be safe? Other than their claims, why would you think Lilly will anything other than a pump and dump? These guys are, at best, incompetent. It is more likely they are completely corrupt.

  8. You have to understand brother, they are on the west coast. So currently only 8pm over there. Just be patient guys!

  9. Russ the used car salesman meant to say this evening 4 months from now.

  10. I feel bad for Lilly. They partnered up with something that doesn’t work. So bad.

  11. The number of broken promises has turned me completely off from the project. I’m over it.

  12. Been holding Saitama since June 2021. This is getting frustrating 😒 It is Monday Jan 31st were I am now 😑 This is disappointing, but I guess I’m going to hodl 🤬😡

  13. It won’t open, It closes immediately after opening the app… but It’s running, I just can’t see it and I have to shut it down.. IDK.. It just won’t open the app WTH

  14. So discouraging. Do they get a man’s word means something. They need to start cleaning house. It’s like dealing with used car salesman here. No disrespect to used car salesman.

  15. Its 1240 est still jack shit. Sold all 875$ and bought all shinja today added to that bag

  16. Why don’t they just STFU. I mean every time they announced something it fails. This is the 4th-5th time. People are beyond fed up. at least this YouTuber tells it like he feels fed up. How many other channels try and sugarcoat shit? Plenty.

  17. I’m glad I jumped ship bk at .0….57 in profit, Russ’s words have never ringed true to me, personally, I think he’s a liar and a scammer and I hope you guys can at least break even, it’s projects like this that gives the SEC fodder to come down on Defi …

  18. It is live liquidity is needed for the saitama eth pair, inorder to provide liquidity equal amounts of both are needed liquidity providers get rewards for providing #SaitaMask everyone is acting like they are new to crypto

  19. Works great for me of 6 p.m. P.S.T. didn’t work the last 2 day now works great


  21. I’m gonna wait till it burns 1 zero then I’m out, a year later or so 😄

  22. I am in Honolulu and I am up with swapping and pairs ….and by the way he said we are looking at this weekend in the afternoon so I cam now swap sad for yall they r working in segments and I wouldn’t blame them everyone sleep so t they can’t fuck over the system and jam thing up ..they r doing it right. I also Transferred ETH and my saitama

  23. Hype pump and dump . Russ likes to tell tall stories of what ahead (pump really nothing accomplished) look at Steve the crypto leak message better yet look at Willie dees criminal past that’s what scam artist does likes to manipulate tell good news good stories ahead !

  24. Saitamask is STILL NOT working, what a joke this is. These Devs are fully of shit. I’m about to jump ship before I loose every penny I have invested in this project.

    They can’t figure they’re way out of a wet paper bag.

  25. My saitamusk working very well swap also working,
    But price is falling I can’t understand why

  26. There are going to be a lot of pissed off people today when they swap ETH for Saitama. The app nicely tells you how much Saitama you will get and says “processing.” Then You will get an error and whatever ETH you had in the wallet is diminished. Tried swapping ETH for Saitama again. Same thing. ETH in my wallet greatly diminished. F%CK this. The app will kindly take your ETH, and the swap does not work.

  27. such a disappointment ! Transferred my ETH and its GONE !!!!! Past SUNDAY AND NOTHING IS STILL HAPPENING …and they just MIA ?

  28. There creating a trend they pump the coin with fake news and then it drops

  29. Mine works but am a bit confused my saitama wallet address is same as my ethereum… 🤦‍♂️

  30. It’s now morning and my money of which once was on the app reads $0.00 and now I am still unable to swap. I’m quite sick of the extended promises and failed deliveries. There is still a chance but they really need to get it together.

  31. LOL, glad you arent giving financial advice *wink*wink, you would get people rekt *wink*eink