Saitama Update: SaitaMask LP Injection, Broke 325K Holders, Lilly Launch

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  1. If saitamask is succeeded, then why it is dumping? Till now it is not working. I am from India. I think they should release after successfully trails. Now it is shame to the team.

  2. swap from saitama to eth is not working and many including myself have paid eth transaction fees each time from ERROR transactions. 4 said errors to my eth bag.

  3. guys, stay just a the sideline and wait on the proper functions for swaping. price will tanking til then…

  4. What would you expect from a COO with super sketchy background? Look want happened on Wonderland. Been promising things forever and still doesn’t work.

  5. They setting themselves up for lawsuits if the swap is taking people’s gas fees and not working! Also with the transaction limits,it’s not gonna be worth investing in Lilly. It’s gonna cost roughly a thousand to invest a thousand plus the 10% in 10% out is gonna kill the launch of Lilly.smh

  6. I think they intentionally saying one day to launch on another to be less predictable… I believe that ddos attack cost saitama a lot of money… they can’t have another attack that delay us another 30 days… so they are intentionally delaying… say one day and launch another… just being optimistic

  7. Guys it’s over Russ and crew are going to disovle the LLC and rebrand saitamask as another token. He’s just hyping these small pumps so his hired outsource devs can get paid once Saitama clears their debt Russ is going to leave you guys holding the bag 💰.

  8. Hey KC, sorry, I slept too late to catch stream. Wish you’d have my brother Vern on again, you two together are 🔥🔥. Blessings brother 💎🙌💎🙌💎🙌

  9. I plan on holding Saitama for a while unless I see life changing money, but it’s so disappointing when they keep telling us dates and not hitting them. It sucks the life outta the project. They’ve been generating fud themselves by doing this multiple times. They are coming out with press releases and not coming thru 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  10. Yo!!!! I’m seeing the new coins on saitamask, can’t swap yet but they on baby! Let’s goo

  11. I just like your honesty and your presentation, in fact, you are doing a very good job. You call a spade a spade to both Saitama developers and communities. Well done! It will be a thing of regret if anybody should sell off Saitama for another token but instead, people should invest in both and stay away from hate and discrimination. This is a trial time for Saitama and every token has trail time and we should understand one thing that no reasonable person will establish a business and he or she will be happy if things are going wrong, my point is that Saitama developers can never be happy with the issues surrounded saitamask so community should be patient and all will be well soon.