Saitama Update: SaitaMask Swap Released, Broke 324K Holders, Diamond Hands

🐕 Saitama 🐕


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  1. The one who doesn’t learn from his mistakes is compelled to keep repeating them. Russ and his infatuation with deadline dates is a road to embarrassing failure. You can’t keep failing no matter how much potential or strong community vibe a project has. I’m perplexed with the urge to set these definitive deadlines that result in misses, hacker alerts plus an urge to trade short term to take advantage of the resultant pump and dump…This fuels the narrative that insiders are scamming hodlers. IMHO it’s much less risky and long term profitable to successfully launch the app and then inform the masses. Yesterday I expected this and RUSS you know the rules 3 strikes and yer out! Got to respect the SAITAMA community and HODLERS who have been solid and committed. They truly deserve better! Great project poor leadership…

  2. Great job youve done for Saitama sir, time to jump on Meditoken now. Its going to be big man. Please have a look at it. Im looking forward to your AMA