Saitama Update! SaitaMask swap tokens are still not loaded….

Saitama Update! SaitaMask swap tokens are still not loaded….

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  1. It seems like they are always encountering problems. Don’t matter I’m still holding cause once they do get everything running it will be worth the hold.

  2. That’s my problem with them. They keep giving us dates and not coming thru! Seems very sketchy! Then when they don’t hit the dates they say be patient and if we can do better than we should make an app. They don’t even take accountability and apologize for not hitting dates. 🤬 almost ready to pull my money out 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. Russ and Co have been proven to be liars since November. They knew it wasn’t going to be released, but misled everyone to pump the price and fill their bags. None of what is happening should be a surprise. They are, at best, idiots. If we look at it honestly, they are corrupt as hell.

  4. Until they pay the guy who made the app for them, there will continue to have problems

  5. Keep inviting Russ. Let’s see if he steps up. I’m continuing to be more and more curious on what’s really going on. I’m frustrated to this point but am starting to feel more comfortable on just waiting on saitamask. Problem here is I believe they are over there head on top of that not once have I heard any accountability for what’s going on. I’m really concerned when I spoke to support last night they had no knowledge what’s so ever about the whole bitmart hack. Millions of dollars just disappeared and nobody NOBODY is talking about it. If Russ was to step it up and join your show and I believe with you drilling him then hopefully my attitude towards this project turns around. We’ll see great work my Friend.

  6. I’m worried that if they have enough problems they’ll just walk away from Saitamask and crash this project

  7. i’m sorry to say, but you are right.
    the app still crashes when i just start it on my phone…

  8. There you go Bleeves tell it like it is!!!!!!!! The Dev team is being pampered by kiss asses. GET RUSS IN HERE!

  9. I like the critical bleeves. Kind of reminds of my dad. Don’t wanna piss him off. 😀 I like the keep it real presentation. 👍 at this point… it’s a hold and see.

  10. If they do Crash this project, this is a lesson for us all… SAITAMA gotta get there act together this makes no sense

  11. Dont understand your video, wait for Official press release.. Patience, they said an update will come today they never said when today

  12. i was in the space too – after 5 minutes i have to leave. i dought they was speaking on a other project, lol

  13. Broken promises, failure to deliver a working product, lying, plus a badly damaged reputation equals loss of investor confidence. There is a lot of deflection from many YouTuber influencers and Koolaid drinkers. YouTuber influencers should focus on things like honesty, transparency, integrity, truth, accountability, and holding COOs and Devs to a higher standard. But no! They defend what should not be defended. SMH. Saitama is dead as far as I am concerned. Bled out.

  14. Settle down. Great projects take time. Who cares if it takes a few more days. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  15. I mean, you could sell, get out, and go invest in another token. That way, you won’t have to keep making videos about how Saitama has failed you.

  16. I download the app and it feels really strange never ask me for my social or for my license

  17. Russ won’t come and talk to you because he knows you will ask questions he don’t want to answer.

    Can you do a video on Shinja and the recent sell offs? There’s been a 200, 102, and a few around 70-80 Eth. A whale put out a post after selling $2m and said he wasn’t part of the team so don’t blame them. I found the post a little odd.
    I’d love to hear your views.

  18. Its a liquid pool issue that takes time to why not loading. I was on the twitter space russ came out and said everything is getting pushed back until Wednesday.

  19. I’m holding saitama. Will hold until I get a decent profit or until it goes to zero.
    But I I use trust wallet, it’s better than Saitamask because it works.

  20. Lol so true I think these YouTubers showcase there close or personal with the devs oh I just called or text. It’s like u need a tissue for that nose

  21. I can’t believe this keep happening.. Still holding Saitama i still believe Saitama have a future as long as they actually deliver..

  22. Best content I’ve ever seen on Saitama. I’m ALL IN and haven’t sold any since buying in October, but u have just said EVERYTHING I’ve screamed on twitter on the AMA’s. It’s strange how it used to be criticism was free advice from consumers helping companies to get better, but in crypto it’s just got one, negative label….FUD. I really hope that u get your time with Russ as I think he’s a smart guy and I think honest answers will help the community, at least from an expectation basis. Thanks for your time and effort. Love from 🇬🇧

  23. I really miss your old intro clip. Can’t wait till Friday, everybody getting sideways.

    Please alternate between the two if possible.

  24. Guys they’re cashing out their debts to disovle the LLC. They’re going to rebrand saitamask as another token. This will happen soon. It’s a reason why Steve rocket left before he could be branded by these guys. You’ve all been warned take heed.

  25. Thank you for saying what everybody’s been talking about. As I said time to get the big broom out and clean house. Let’s see if Lilly finance try’s to bail out when they see how unprofessional they are.

  26. I hate Saitama. Should have sold at the height of Vegas launch. Though that would be small compared to what it would do when actually launched. That was around ATH for BTC. I lost 80% since then. Kept 20% just in case. Sold rest off to try to break even. The Saitama I sent from CB Wallet finally showed up in my Saitamask. Took about a week.

  27. Thanks Man! Much better than lost in austin, sad zac, pop corn and some others! Thanks for keeping it real and not BS-ing us with what you think we want to hear to fill your wallet like most of the rest! I’ve checked socialblade and it doesn’t look like you’re in it for the money!

  28. GOD BLESS the CANADIANS & The TRUCKERS STANDING UP FOR our FREEDOM AGAINST TYRANNY! Something that these BIDEN VOTING P*SSIES are afraid to do! And you know who you are!

  29. I’ve been running into this left and right myself on various other projects. Total softball questions have become a constant. It’s as if doing due diligence for yourself by asking truly relevant questions has become seen as the spreading of FUD by the hosts of these AMAs. It’s telling how they go right to being defensive which always tells you that someone’s hiding something!

  30. Let’s be honest Wolfgang, Saitama is currently nothing more than a flop. Not only do the core team have no answers to the important questions, the MODs on TG are hopless. The community doesn’t want to be told be patient ever time they request a update, nor is should those who ask wen Saitamask or why not work be considered to be FUDin. Russ and the team are happy to take credit for what they have got right thus they should also hold their hands up for their failures. We deserve better and that’s why we have been jumping ship to a community, Shinja, that actual knows how to communicate with its investors. I’m so so so so glad I sold my main, 2nd and 3rd bags and bought Shinja. All I have left in saitama I’d a moon bag however I’ve written that off as a loss due to the teams performance. Even Ince Saitamask works I believe the team will struggle due to that bunch of s#$t they have chosen to list., not one decent project and I don’t see any wabting yo list anytime soon. Why would they, they’d be much better off on Shipswap or a 3rd teit CEX. What a joke of a team!

  31. As a small level investor, I want to love this project so bad, but your observations are absolutely right. I’m obviously not going to sell, BUT I feel like I could have invested in another project until Saitama got their shit together. On paper it’s undoubtedly a great project, but yes, all the hype and false promises are getting old already. I do believe some day it will get off the ground, but I also believe that the damage is already done and the Saitama team has lost the respect of their community. Tragic.

  32. THANK YOU!!! I love the POTENTIAL of this project but I am very disappointed in the operations of the team. Honestly I appreciate keeping positive vibes but man the truth hurts sometimes. I sick of all the sweet tweets and praising of Russ man get it together. People get fired everyday for this type of performance. I understand it’s young and I think it has too much potential to give up on but as a stakeholder we have a right to do express our disappointment without being bashed and called ungrateful. It’s sad I mean sad our price at this point. And it’s not because of the FUD at this point. It’s because the devs make promises and they don’t deliver. Point blank. Sad man. Sad performance

  33. Hello friend. Saitamask is officially adding the tokens as we speak to the app!!!! To the moon now they made it happen! 🔥 thanks 🙏🏼 team! Wolfpack 🐺🔥💪👏💰👑 you can see the tokens in the swap. This should create a buzz. Hope you get to see it in your end.

  34. I just like this guy and I appreciate your objective perspective each time you talk about this Saitamask project. We need guys like you bro. Great content. Keep it up man!!

  35. I mentioned you in Saitama chat and they banned me. I guess your message got through or something. They even called me a liar

  36. Man they are toying with investors this is wrong on so many levels there is no transparency.