Saitama Update! Still waiting on Saitamask…

Saitama Update! Still waiting on Saitamask…

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  1. Lilly Finance video up for MEMBERS ONLY TODAY! See what we think of that play!

  2. Bleeve have faith. I have high conviction, let them have 6-12 more months to fix some issues, it will rocket soon enough

  3. Still holding and waiting for Lilly Finance. At this point i don’t think Lilly will be ready tomorrow..

  4. #Saitamask is working for alot y’all! Also swap is working for alot of people lately so it ain’t over till it’s over

  5. Mine doesn’t work yet. I have faith in this working eventually, but I kinda expected this because they don’t do anything on time. Hurry up and wait again! lol

  6. So the swap is turned on, but they still have to onboard the tradable tokens 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Gosh this is ridiculous 🙄 I’ve been holding since June 2021 and guess I have no choice but to hold 🤬 If they don’t get this right I guess I’ll migrate over to get more Shibnobi 🤷‍♂️

  7. Mine works fine. But Ms. Say just wait they add today more liquidity .

  8. Goodmorning here we go again … this is getting silly 🙃 should just say it will be ready mid feb instead of setting the bar high and perpetually shitting the bed if these guys were construction workers they would be on notice or fired by now.
    Not trying to be a dick as Iam a long term holder and this project is great , just tired of watching the community rip there hair out

  9. Could you interview SAITAMA’s CEO, and ask him why is he sabotaging SAITAMA. It looks like his team doesn’t know anything or someone needs let some people go.

  10. Don’t take the bait. If you’re not a week 1 holder let this all play out. Too many want to break even before they dump.

  11. I sent ETH to the wallet yesterday. still got nothing. how do i get it BACK!!!!! Damn Saitama

  12. Still can’t open the app. But no rushing. Let them fix they shit. Don’t want to rush and lose my money

  13. SAITAMA, Couldn’t even delivery a news paper!! Let alone a exchange platform!!

  14. I had to log out and back in then go to swap, give it a week everything should be working hopefully

  15. Working faster than any other Swap in the first 24 hrs post- launch.. Good job…👍👍👍👍👍👍

  16. swap don’t work. it make a approving transaction (take the amount of eth) but don’t swap anything. tryed 3x with small amount. this app has till a few hourdles to take. it’s not ready for the masses yet. 1-2 months will it take 4 sure.

  17. Saitama – Wen Lambo? Well Russ has a Lambo – Russ’ wife has a Lambo, Malfunction aka Max has a Lambo – WHERE’S YOURS? Oh yeah that’s right. You’re one of those – mindless, idiot masses of sheep who blindly believe anything someone on stream says to. Russ is a Fraud. Saitama is a Fraud it always has been. They have Delivered ZERO physical products. What have they sold is an idea a potential, a dream. Do you know what we call that in the REAL WORLD – a MLM Multi-Level Marketing Ponzi Pipe dream scheme where Russ and immediate surroundings of Russ make millions and the rest of you stumble over each other for crumbs on crumbs of the tiniest profit. How many of you have the “Wen Lambo”? WAKE UP you’ll never get rich off Saitama; it’s not going to delete 5 zeros or 4 or 3,2 or even possibly another 1 zero. Idiot masses have flooded the crypto scene and Paper handed panic sellers will ultimately prevent anyone from ever retiring off any alt coin again. SHIB days are over and the only people making any real money are these. ➡ DEVS -RUSS + TEAM / WHALES / YOUTUBERS <---selling you this BS pipe dream scheme. face it YOU GOT BAMBOOZLED just watch dex tools.

  18. Wow this whole thing had absolutely No impact on the price. There is no trust for saitama clearly and people do not want to needy in them. Such an inflated hype for nothing. NOT EVEN A PUMP AND DUMP

  19. I think they are keeping the launch a guessing game given the attacks…. just my optimistic outlook… in my head I’m kinda want to sell off…. I am giving them a couple more days to deliver or give a believable explanation…

  20. Yeh what a cock up 🤦‍♂️ mine doesn’t work either, what’s going on !!! Are they trying to get this done on the cheap

  21. I send Eth over from my MetaMask to SaitaMask but it’s not showing am I the only one having this problem????????

  22. No one is always right it’s called duality 😩 what’s that cool wallpaper called 🐺🚀

  23. Always right!!! Get over yourself. When your wrong you say just for entertainment purposes, and then on the occasion you right, you come out boasting!!

  24. You made a video evening saying you had some issues. Then an hour later you apologized saying it works

    As a software engineer I know software is complex and this is normal on launch

    Even Oracle and Microsoft have issues on launch

    When I worked with top 12 developers and did everything to ensure no issues but in deployment we get report of issues

    It is the nature of software that is not basic

    Give them fair time

    Shiba had issues and a month later 12x

  25. It works for me I can send back and forth from eth to saitama. If your following Saitama twitter page Lilly going to be listed in the next 2 days. The back end dev team needs to fix the liquidity pool causing tons of back logs on Ether Scan Network. That is causing an investor funds to not show up right away or at all. I know for sure the team is busting there ass getting Saitamask to run properly. Just the problem is there over delivering when there not actually in a spot to do so.

  26. My life has totally changed since I started with $ 8,000 and now I make $ 24,450 every 10days☺️

  27. Been holding for awhile and has been very disappointing….now finally can’t just blame on the market…