SAITAMA UPDATE | Swap Live but why is the PRICE not recovering ?

Saitama has saitamask live. Saitama swap function still issues. lets look
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  1. they cried wolf too many times about it working. ppl are tired of “buying the dip”

  2. I transferred saitama to saitamask but doesn’t show the balance . It shows on the swap section but doesn’t show on the main screen balance. What’s wrong?

  3. I transferred saitama to saitamask but doesn’t show the balance , and has been more of 3 days.

  4. I’m kinda worried the new value of my ETH I transfered into my trust wallet do not show up on the assets page on Saitamask. They do however show up on the swap page. My avail balance is incorrect. Anyone else with this issue?