Saitama Updates – February 3, 2022

Tune in February 3rd at 4pm CST to get the latest updates on SaitaMask from the development team.


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  1. Keep working and stay the course… Great companies always improve by solving problems. Thanks Team for all your efforts.

  2. Way to go…way to manipulate the market to the downside so your big money buddies can get in

  3. If you are investing in Saitama, you owe it to yourself to read the whitepaper. Compare it to other whitepapers for top 50 cryptos. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the update! People complain about lack of transparency, but I just don’t see it. Yes, delays can be frustrating, but they’re working on making a solid foundation for the ecosystem. Get excited!

  5. i skipped through this video 4-5 times and russ was literally saying the same thing every single time…. i wonder if hes planning on raising the bar or something..

  6. Russell has never found a question he couldn’t answer “yes” to regarding this project.
    Q: Is Saitama going to literally build a rocketship to go to the moon?
    A: Yes, 100%. That’s something we have planned and are working on.

  7. I’m ok waiting for it to be right. Just another opportunity to buy while the price is down.

  8. saitamask will not open on any of my devices or even laptop android vm’s moto g7 team bliss rom i cannot use it at all. when can we expect a desktop version?

  9. when Russ says this is going to be long term he means long term waiting 😂😂😂

  10. Its been 14 days since i connected saitamask to metamask and still shows zero balance, come on guys. Get it right

  11. In the long term, I do really believe everyone who has invested in Saitama will be living happy.

  12. I transferred Saitama from bitmart to saitamask and shows me having 0 on the app still portfolio wise. If I hit swap and select Saitama it shows my tokens but can select something to swap to. Want to be rdy for Lilly launch and worried it shows me having 0.

  13. I just want to know how the transactions in processing that were not completed but burned the gas fee will look like. And because the balances don’t update I made a transfer of LBank 90 billion from Saitama and in Saitamask’s portfolio it doesn’t appear

  14. if anyone has a summary of this live in writing and can send it to me, I appreciate it unfortunately I don’t speak English I’m from Brazil and I have difficulty understanding your language thank you

  15. Keep up the good work Russ and the team 💪💪 we’re getting there 👌👌👌 Saitama will win🎉🎉🎉

  16. Why dont you guys just stop making promises and stop delivering things prematurely???? I know you guys are excited about your projects but JEEEZUS!! Get your testing and everything in place before releasing! Everytime you guys hop on AMA, the tokens tanks.

  17. It’s 2022 and the saita dev team are struggling to create an app that everyone can login to without errors, that a sign that they don’t know what they are doing.

  18. Sir kindly look it’s most of time down so PLZZ..and I trust on ur view .and one day really going to change my portfolio and

  19. Good AMA but I still can’t get into my Saitamask account that I already transferred Etherium into. It keeps sending me an invalid activation code for my already activated account. I have deleted and redownloaded the app, cleared my phone catch, it allows me to change my password but not access my account. It keeps sending the same old invalid 6 digit activation code for my already activated account. And there seems to be no way to contact a support person to reset my account. Hire some support staff so we can start buying and swapping. Saitama is losing money from what should absurdly be low hanging fruit. Has anybody else run into this issue and found a solution? I have hundreds of billions of Saitama tokens in Coinbase wallet (not a fan).

    I want to be Saitamask’s most vocal advocate but that’s a little tough at the moment. Help a brother out Russ.

  20. At least no more deadlines, hopefully they will finish on time but I doubt it, clearly the app was not finished properly still has many major bugs and we are losing opportunities here…

  21. Max it’s always good to hear from you as the CTO of Technology for Satiama. That said, at 8:00 you say “probably in the last 24 hours we’ve had 1,000 crashes and over 3 million hits, it’s a little bit less than 10%” 1,000 divided by 3 million is 0.03% or factor of 333x lesser than than 10% you mentioned. Is the 10% number you mentioned correct or is 0.03% the better number to use?

  22. I sent my Saitama to Saitamas and it never got there it’s going on 4 days now

  23. i managed to open account 8 days ago it worked for a half a day i transfer eth to there

    when im trying to reset the password it says that the account isn’t even exist
    my 0.148 eth is lost ?
    by the way the app stil dont work at any of my or my friends phone in israel

  24. YOU need to work on the website wallet
    let everyone use the web app

    meanwhile focus on the app itself whiteout pressure !

  25. I am New user in this filled plz guide me how can I buy Lilly finance token because SITAMASK DOWNLOAD but not open yet

  26. Plz Sir kindly help me SITAMASK DOWNLOAD but still not open so how can I buy Lilly finance token।

  27. when it will be possible to buy via google pay?
    This would add so much value for interested investors.

  28. RUSSEL why you smiled, you do nothing for now, where is working project?

  29. I still cannot use the app. It keeps flashing and closing down on me. Admit the app needs to be fixed for EVERYONE TO USE. Or hire a tech team who really knows how to design an app properly. It’s okay if you can’t. That is why businesses have different teams to do different things that benefit the company as a whole. I don’t know the DEVS budget but unless their security is awfully weak there’s got to be something that can be done. I’m one voice in the crowd. But I can’t enjoy this project as much as I’d like if I can’t get in. 🤦🏾‍♀️😩

  30. There is no talk about the desktop version of SAITAMASK. How can you have fair transactions when the opportunities does not go round?


  32. I am just looking to the time when I can do purchases of Saitama directly on the platform and is not able to do yet, so far, I believe in Saitama and love the updates. Like a good wine, it will get better with age.

  33. Sigh!, problems after paroblems.
    it’s like one step forward two steps backward now. i m a hodl for saitama. but my biggest fear is saitama is moving towards “the-set-up-to-fail” syndrone. russ need to make drastic changes to the team before the whole community lost the trust on you….

  34. This was not a AMA, aka ask me anything…. They don’t let us ask real questions… they hand pick or even write the questions they want to answer…. Straight up foul…. Ya faking the funk!

  35. I’ve been holding Saitama since around July… It would be DOPE if we would get back focused on putting Saitama on Exchanges, WHILE we fix these problems with SaitaMask. More Exchanges equal more NEW Investors, which will drive the value of Saitama up. I understand as a Business, y’all want to make money off of SaitaMask, but PLEASE don’t forget about the Investors. Crypto Investors have a Short Attention Span.