Whats up A-Team! Today I’m doing another video on a tokens whale wallet! This is like treasure hunting in the crypto space! It’s actually pretty fun to do and see what these whales are investing in. Let’s just say that some of these wallets purchase THE WEIRDEST STUFF ever! LOL! Like what is going on???? However, this is fun and I hope you guys have a good time looking at these with me! Let me know if you want more of these videos of snooping on whales wallets.


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  1. What other Tokens/Coins Whale Wallets Should we look into next? It’s like treasure hunting! 😂

  2. it looks like money laundering, or at least some kind of a criminal activity…

  3. Dude wth lol so if I invested $1K in that fake cocacola I could have possibly a millionaire? Lol

  4. Bro these people don’t understand what you just gave them. Thank you Bro I just caught a BAG.

  5. What if thats not a whale. Maybe he’s just a shark following a whale and you are just a little baby fish? The people watching this video might be the plankton. The wale comes up for air when he’s done with Coca Cola but he realizes his life is coming to an end because he meets a poacher. Then when he goes to whale hell, he realized that the billions of dollars doesn’t go with him. Then burns for eternity.

  6. I feel like this wallet holder is in some pretty exclusive investment discord groups.. I love Saitama, but this is super interesting.

  7. This is crazy!!! I can’t believe what you can learn by following the whales. That makes the whole crypto even riskier. Maybe I’ll save money for a bit before I start investing, especially with a baby and heart problem. But if I come into extra money, would be interesting to take a chance. Great video Austin! Bless you and your family always! ❤🙏

  8. Shinja is much much much Better than these . whales are nuts with huge money

  9. BE CAREFUL!! often whales buy into honeypots they created so they can avoid tax because they got “scammed”.

  10. Saitama devs creating random honeypots pumping them and rugging people, but their cult is still very supportive.

    The Saitama token itself is pure rug, you just need to check first 10 wallets, all selling like crazy – it means team selling like crazy.


  11. Great video!!! Need more whale Wallets videos, it’s good way to find out what the big dogs are doin.

  12. Is he just buying these tokens and holding? or is he selling out when they pump?

  13. You should devote one day a week of your channel to front running these Whale buys for your subscribers. You could make us all some money

  14. All I know is Saitama is not a honey pot, Saitama wales can buy what they want it’s their money what’s that got to do with Saitama. Stop the madness.

  15. I didn’t hear all that bla,bla,bla when Saitama wales were dumping Saitama to jump into shibnobi now it’s the other way around there’s a problem wales don’t care about projects they just get in and out for a quick profit that’s just how they play the game.

  16. Maybe they know every major company will come to the crypto space and essential buy back their domain name and buy every token 🤷‍♂️ McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Amazon…

  17. Every morning go live and will track and invest $50-100 and using them to pave the way for the little fish

  18. This guy holds a ton of Saitama so trust and believe nothing he says. He talks against all projects but Saitama and see where that has gotten his followers. Weird. Shinja is a legitimate project in 2022 and it is going to melt faces.