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  2. Finally you come somewhat real for once. I sold my whole bag around the Vegas event and I have zero regrets. YouTubers are scared to say it but we know smart money took profits. Y’all should be more transparent and forthcoming and tell your followers that this might be a good time to take profits instead of guilt tripping them into holding their bags.

  3. I got out of Saitama after the whole Saitamask debacle and I don’t regret it at all. Still rooting for them, but I’m keeping them at arms distance

  4. This is why I watch your contents!! Honest, patient and real!! This is a long term hold for me too. I am fine patiently waiting as I believe in the future of this project. We all have our own strategies for taking profits.

  5. Another influencer putting the blame on us. “Should have taken profits” I’m down 1000 my profit was 500 at one point. Do the fkn math. Atleast Ryan is 💯

  6. My thoughts are they have people involved with them russ lilly finance has been charged with fraud in the past look it up court public records

  7. I’m not selling yet but to me, they are doing this shit half-ass how you release an app that has apple pay and it does not work the users that would come to the app would be massive if they had more than one way to buy Saitama. I agree with you stop giving dates just fix it already.

  8. Anyone that bashes you for taking profits … shouldn’t be in Crypto World. Thanks for all the good info you bring to us everyday. You’re the man! Keep being awesome. 👊

  9. Dawg, of course youre going to be okay with these ups and downs because you already won on this trade. Idk why youre telling traders its irrational to sell after russ keeps breaking promise after promise.

  10. Great video…. Keep it up. Your thoughts are GOLD!!! Holding Saitama. I believe in project.

  11. I’ll say it, Saitama holders are frustrated, for various reasons. They should have took profits huh, lol, ok. It’s all our fault folks, got it. The people who bought the hype, I’m pretty sure they’re not in a position to take profits, but Russ is slowly teaching us all.

  12. In the state Saitamask is in now, i’m not going to use it, once they get their shit together however……i will be on board.

  13. I havent bothered downloading the app either. The team needs to stop announcing things that are not ready yet in fear people will loose interest.

  14. You talk about an investing strategy …mine was to trust them and invest a bit more just before the Las Vegas event… was to trust them and invest more just before the Saitamask launch…..sooo my strategy was to trust the dates and events they told me ….. now its time to be professional …dont give any dates when you know that your product will not be ready and stop the bs reasons

  15. Exactly, it’s easy for u, now about the people who believed in the bullshit n bought before the event, he people who actually believed in everything they lied about, a little hard to swallow, it was supposed to b ready in November, the audit has nothing to do w why it doesn’t work still… this is a joke..maybe stear people in the right direction instead of just making it seem like this is all alrite

  16. Everyone knows its not about the product or the work on the product.. its the PR disaster they created by not having the right structure in public relations.. vegas, saitamask launch, re-launch.. it should be been “consumer testing” from day 1 until fully operational.

  17. My crypto journey is right about these guys/YouTubers. They’ll tell you they’ve won after the fact just be mindful

  18. Way to shit on your subscribers. Im up since I got in early August, but even I wouldnt shit on other traders.

  19. i hope u run into that guy on the street that u shilled the shit coin to an make him lose their money…that would be a good sight maybe he will buy u a drink cuz u r such great guy

  20. Omg, they have stretched the truth about the number of holders. Everything they have done has failed and everything they have said has been a lie. Can’t believe you still keep pumping this s bs token and loser devs.

  21. Rule #1: Always remember to take profits, then you’re playing with “house money” and can sleep better at night

  22. Tried to get it work relentlessly. The app is terrible Zach. Be honest with your subs and keep it real. People will appreciate your content more. I feel lately you’re starting to shill this.

  23. Awesome video brother thank you holding and buying more Saitama 👍🚀💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸

  24. Crypto is a game of strategy those that are mad showed up to the game with an idea not a strategy. Good move Zach

  25. Maybe you shouldn’t tell people to hold and forget them all pumped and excited and then you sell out

  26. That goes to compare to all meme tokens no matter what all this is worthless.

  27. Russ and the Dev team should just keep their announcements to themselves until it’s launched and in production.

  28. So basically everyone should have taken profits. Ok gotcha. All you dummies that did not take profits, bought in at the top, should have been like Zach and all the other YouTubers who pumped this token. I hope you all learned from this. Next time buy very early and take profits. Its possible we can all do it. Anyone that would have taken this advice would be able to sleep just as good as this man.

  29. Saitama is like the little boy who called WOLF to many times. The bottom line, if you say it, then you better deliver on time. Excuses are like assholes, they all stink. Russ, get your shit together and deliver on time. If not, I and others are dumping you.

  30. This is why I love u and Austin ! You guys both give the best honest content. Been subscribed for a while love seeing the growth. Keep going Zach !

  31. Your right Steve the crypto was saying Paper hands with the message that created drama 🎭 hmmm…. .

  32. There disabling it and came up with excuses know the damn thing don’t work lol 😆 Russ is all business.. so far saitama has been a pump hype and dump about 4xs already look at the charts lol it’s funny and sketchy… .

  33. I like where the project states where it’s going… But, I still can not get the app to open. It’s crazy that I got suggestions for support page to get a new phone or factory reset the whole phone. It’s a little much.

  34. SaitaMask working is like Russ promise to make Zach’s hair grow back
    Idk man. Lost interest in the app.
    Don’t care about it. Next project I guess 😐

  35. If you are making money by promoting shitty coins. Don’t screw young Audience by leading them to dump their paychecks on delusions

  36. Here we go again ! Thank god I sold this so called over hyped coin . I’m neva gonna trust this dev team anymore . Useless clowns

  37. Is it just me or is Zach getting ballsy now. Wow what a little bit of profit and new subscribers will do to a person. Whatever happen to humbled Zach.

  38. I’m glad I sold 1trillion saitama coins when Willie D news came out. the devs are tattooed and criminals.

  39. Yeah Saitama should stop putting dates on projects. Also they should fix the saitamask kinks and have Lilly preloaded to combat any delays with the Lilly launch.