SAITAMASK Truths: Why The #WolfPack Will WIN With SAITAMA In The End

In this video, Ryan Patrick describes the strategic advantage the Saitama team has over other DeFi crypto projects and why Saitamask can be a leader in the DeFi exchange space WITHOUT being 100% perfect.

Please Review ALL Official Saitamask Technical FAQ’S here:

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  1. Haven’t swapped into saitama yet. The price seems too high. It should be more than i was holding not less I’m $100 up on eth why am I losing 3bil?

  2. I was finally able to get in 2/1/. It’s pretty damn nice.

    Now, if they can get the deposit section up and running I can get to buying.😎

  3. Make sure you get the right saitama official Twitter. Always check the followers.

  4. I’ve been wanting to buy Kishimoto on Hotbit but the price is way different, can someone explain ??

  5. Good video. Unfortunately, until SAITAMA stops shooting themselves in the foot by setting self-imposed deadlines and then miserably failing to deliver, REPEATEDLY, nothing will change. Along these lines, until Russ learns how to underpromise and overdeliver, the price won’t go higher. Seems like their software development team is out of their league and can’t get it right, in spite of MONTHS now of extra time.

  6. TEALLY appreciate your insight Ryan. Most of us have 0 idea of how complex is to create an app and launch it.

  7. Ryan (or anyone else) do you have any knowledge on how to set the slippage in Saitamask to optimize the transaction for Lilly when it’s released?

  8. If you want to be part of a true Wolfpack, get into ZADA!
    Great project with insane potential! Make 10% reflections in ADA by just holding. They do voice chats weekly in a lot of different media platforms. The team is amazing and will answer any question.

    If you can, please look into it!

  9. Russ said they were gonna put out a tutorial on how to operate the wallet. We need to know how to transfer coins in matamask to Saitama

  10. Know I’m getting the 401 error after the app has been working for the last week. I have taken 3 days off for all three supposed Lilly launches for nothing. I hate to leave a project with so much potential but I’ve lost all confidence in this dev team.

  11. Bro I like your videos but keeps hanging time and again…not that it gives the viewers any problems…it’s just that I wanted you to know…cheers mate…keep up the good work…👍

  12. I will definitely be sharing this video on my twitter. I have been a investor of Saitama since day one and hate the FUD that has been going around. I LOVE this video! Thanks, Ryan!

  13. 1000% True.. Halo Infinite came out like 2 months ago.. Still has major bugs. And I would imagine that a giant video game industry has way more developers/engineers/creators..
    Patience is a virtue.

  14. Shinja finally rugged. We tried to warn them. Instead they constantly fudded a brand new application because their dev didn’t want to change a few things to give Saitama confidence. Glad to see it!

  15. Thanks for the level-headed video. This is exactly how many of my projects are run… there will be bugs. ( Give my dad and brother a wave over in Melkbos for me, I’m in the UK )

  16. Hey Ryan, what is your plan for buying Lilly now that there are going to be transaction restrictions of roughly 0.1 ETH upon launch? I imagine that swapping 20% of your Saitama holdings would take many transactions and would require hundreds, if not a thousand or more, on gas fees to swap 20% of your Saitama. I’d like to hear your thoughts here.

  17. patients bring great wealth bottom line. People think they’re going to get rich quick. I’d rather for them to do everything the right way and don’t mine waiting. Because I know in the end it will be worth it.

  18. It doesn’t matter what Saitama does wrong for most of you guys you will find reasons to give them excuses but if another projects does this and you are out!

  19. Thank you Ryan. I know a lot of people will appreciate this insight into the development side and what the team is having to deal with from that perspective. I have been holding and will continue to hold through the entire process and long-term. I too have faith in this project and think it will be very successful.

  20. Look guys at the end we are cleaning the community of all the weak investors!! Lthose who really believe in the project long term will have the returns they deserve a financial freedom!!

  21. Really appreciate the boost in morale here Ryan. Lots of people are eagerly waiting, but yet frustrated. This just goes back to the HODL. Don’t look at the price action everyday, it WILL stress you out!

  22. I am so looking forward to things long term, but so far, I still can’t get into saitamask

  23. Too many good project out there I don’t think saitama will win .. they ve been lying all along .. this team is disaster .. never see anything like this I rather get rug pull and get over it better than this

  24. I still can’t get in but I know this takes time so I’m just being patient.

  25. Every drop of momentum has been burned up on this horrible rollout. It’s going to be difficult to get this sentiment back.

  26. Ryan, you mentioned “in house”. During yesterday’s appearance in cryptobolix, Russ did use the word “outsource” when referring to hiring more engineers. just an fyi. (btw nothing wrong with outsourcing but thought you should know since you emphasized on a team that is in-house).

  27. Another great video Ryan. No hype, all fact. Your professionalism shows and its the reason I look to you for accurate information. Thank you

  28. Still unable to view Saitama and ETH moved to Saitamask yesterday, I did fill out the paperwork for the Dev team to assist, Metamask can see the transfer, I hope that Lilly token is held until these issues are resolved. I am also one of your followers on Twitter and I enjoy your content and knowledge.

  29. can RUSS PLEASE for the sake of the project, RESIGN from your position!! you don’t deserve to lead the project at this point

  30. To understand what is being said. It’s like a big place with a bunch of equipment and they have their own service people instead of hiring contractors.

  31. Ryan…a voice of reason. I don’t think many of us question that there could be delays or issues. What is missing with the dev team is honest communication and the ability to under promise and over deliver.

  32. I still can’t login the saitmask app. Got iPhone 12. Just says loading

  33. Dude. Step of your mic ,
    Using cardio diagram to find where you should be speaking step off your mic about 9 inches and watch your plowsifs.