Uniswap – UNI Token

Setting Up Trust Wallet With Uniswap To Buy Meme Coins Early

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  1. Can you do a video on how to purchase Lamden(TAU) using a Coinbase wallet please? It’s not a meme coin but I would like to purchase it.

  2. Please do a review of TheHarderTheyFall in one of the videos, i think its a gem.

  3. How did ya become such an expert? thnx for the video! Did u participate in theHarderTheyFall private sale?

  4. Please do a review of TheHarderTheyFall in one of the videos, i believe its a treasure.

  5. When will there be information about the metaverse from TheHarderTheyFall? I don’t want to miss this pearl!

  6. Hi, I’m a $REBL owner since its first day on Pancake & I’ll get DAOs NFTs soon, can you tell what kind of NFTs they will be on your channel?

  7. thnx to your channel I learned what DAO is, thnx! My choice is DAO Rebellion Protocol, it will be truly 100% community-driven product!

  8. what do ya think about Rebellion Protocol? Will they make the top 10 CMCs like Doge and Shib?

  9. I don’t think u’re right, you’d better make a video about TheHarderTheyFall.

  10. Why doesn’t anyone talks about Partisia Blockchain? Are they keeping it quiet on purpose, so there won’t be any extra passengers in this rocket?

  11. it is always a pleasure to watch u! But I’d like to watch a video about Crypto Jackpot. This system is too underestimated.

  12. I’ll send this vid to my bud. Btw, he’s a keeper of $PRDX. Is it a cool coin or rubbish? He tells its highly valuable, but it sounds too amazing…

  13. What do you think is cooler – Sandbox or NFTcraft? i believe NFTcraft. Plus, there’s a $3,000 prize draw every week for the dopest players!