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SHIB INU COIN Dropping!! | AMC | SOL | AMP

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00:00 SHIB
13:19 AMP
16:17 SOL
18:52 AMC

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This video was created to help people learn more about trading stocks and or Investing in the stock market.
I suggest stocks weekly to day traders and investors to consider.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. These videos are for educational purposes only. Investing of any kind involves risk. Your investments are solely your responsibility and we do not provide personalized investment advice. It is crucial that you conduct your own research. I am merely sharing my opinion with no guarantee of gains or losses on investments. Please consult your financial or tax professional prior to making an investment.

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  1. Yesterday was great, I took the opportunity (shiba price drop) to increase my position and I was able to reach my goal of 100 mil tokens!

    Like you said, do not leave your money on one place! Great video!

  2. Please can l invest in Bitcoin on my own, I have been practicing on my demo trading account,I don’t want to make any mistake whatsoever.

  3. Larry can you please do a video on how to prepare for Tax time with Cryptos and the ABCs for the layman so we can cover the bases and prepare our taxes without worrying if we did our taxes correctly. Thank you Sir

  4. Looks like a pump and dump .. pump to 0.00008800.. and crash it to 0.00004000 half the price …someone made money more people lost out of profits cuz its controlled

  5. that’s good time to buy more and please hold
    what people doesn’t understand is the reason shiba going downs is because the withdrawal so if people hold shiba means shiba can go to the moon and will make people very happy $$$$$$$$$$

  6. that’s the only way we can make money Shiba Inu is the only way but the secret is buy and hold please
    the problem is people buy and sell will be a disaster try to learn buy and hold until shiba going up fast to $1please that’s mean investment.

  7. don’t be afraid or scare ok
    buy more as possible and safe hold the results will make you very happy and with a lot $$$$$

  8. Crypto is driven by BS hype on social media and the big players, as usual can drop a tweet (I thought Twitter was for teenagers) and totally manipulate the market. If you are small time you’ll lose. It’s a casino, exactly the same concept. If you do win something it’s just a lottery. A mugs game.

  9. Your baby won’t fall to your hand, cause you’re already in the building at 4th flour or so, the button is far down and is hard to catch the baby from the button trust me XD

  10. Larry you are the first comment I have ever left on any YouTube video. But I had to make it. You are outstanding in your knowledge and your presentation of Securities and Crypto. I really appreciate all of your insight! Keep it coming and let’s make money!

  11. Investing successfully in forex requires the expertise of a

    professional broker that is why I have made huge profit since I started trading with Mrs Valerie Kathrine she is the best.

  12. Great video and not full of useless filler like so many other channels. Earned a sub.

  13. I just wanted to say: Thank you Larry!
    I’m very new to trading crypto and Shiba was one of my first purchases, and since I am that new, I didn’t know how fast crypto trading is, when it went to -15% or even higher, I was really desperate and was SO CLOSE to selling with a big fat loss, but then I found your Video on youtube. Your way of talking and your voice is really calming and your explanations are easy to follow, even if somebody just got into crypto. I’m really glad I found this channel and decided to not sell in red!! :)

  14. I thoroughly appreciate your sharing your insights with the masses. Since subscribing and following your guidance/advice, I’ve been able to to turn a nice profit. As someone who grew a small step above the poverty limit, any chance I have to create some generational wealth to set my kin up for the future I didn’t have—Amen!!

    Thank you for everything you do, good sir, and please keep up the phenomenal work!

  15. How does this whole bitcoin thing work, I’m interested in it and l’m willing and ready to invest heavily in it but I’m gonna need an assistant from any trusted and productive

  16. Money is an issue that everyone has for a better and luxurious life, Life was hard for me until I started trading bitcoin and am now earning $18,435 per week

  17. This guy is like a rising fallen angel he ain’t going down but he ain’t goin up either. Just out here making his brown skin look caucasian but really he is Japanese. He makes no sense.

  18. I really feel left aside hearing and seeing several testimonies from people on profits they make from Bitcoin/Forex Investment. Can someone recommend a good expert that trade on my behalf and generate profit for me

  19. I’m an xrp fan. I know it’s supposed to be worth more than what it is now. I’ve been buying at 1.10 around. Is that a bad investment? Being they’re not even on most exchanges, yet? And Slp looks great and Safemoon to hodl. So confusing on what to buy. I never know when it’s a great time to buy.Minimum wage job at goodwill so I don’t have time to check while collecting donations and help. I don’t spend money too much. Just need to know where and when to spread it out or who I can talk to to learn this. It’s why I asked.

  20. Bitcoin is the beginning of something great: a currency without a government, something necessary and imperative.

  21. Hello, I’m new to forex and bitcoin/ethereum/shiba trade and I have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what i’m doing wrong

  22. Hi everyone, I’m actually looking for a good trader that can help me trade and make profits, but is very hard to see a trusted one. Any idea..

  23. First the wallet you are talking about only has 2.8 billion dollars worth of shiba inu tokens or roughly 7% of the market cap. The Article you are getting your information is wrong, And the Shiba inu market could easily soak up that much.

  24. I invested $200 during the crash and I am still up at $1300… This is a 5 years old for me at least….

  25. I hope y’all listening but more shares when it’s low. Never buy a stick at its Peak buy low sell high. Rinse recycle ♻️ repeat simple trading It’s not rocket science 🧪 I’ve been trading for a year now and this is the most important solution ♻️ recycle buy low sell high say it with me buy low sell high

  26. Man ! Love the videos ! Made lots listening to you, thanks so much, I was wondering what you think of Jett inu ? It just did a launch, hasn’t been listed yet, it’s going to be massive

  27. Most people are almost always one step behind. lol That or they scare sell or pump and dump like they just got done reading a how-to on investing which sure, you’ll see some gains but nothing millionaire making. Learn to hold through dips and consolidation periods. Saitama. Almost 10K gains in the past 90 days on it’s own. Coming out with a wallet which will boost it, and eventually other platform listing which will make it moon hard. Invest quick and hold through the ups and downs if I were you. Eyes on the future mooners, not dogs that have seen their day and make people chase their own tails endlessly.