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Shiba Inu, also known as dogecoin killer, has been extremely popular in recent years in the crypto marketplace.

The crypto currency is based on the Dogecoin and has attracted a lot of attention from the crypto currency investing community. If everything goes well, it could even go to the moon before two thousand twenty-five. and make a lot of millionaires.

Today we will discuss how much 10,000,000 SHIBA INU COINS will be worth by two thousand twenty-five. and why you should own 10000000 shib tokens before this happens.

do you believe that the Shiba Inu token will reach $1? and what do have to show you about Shiba inu reaching $0.0155 by two thousand twenty-five? there is new information about token burn and believe that almost 70% of the tokens will be burned before 2023.

do you know why Shiba Inu increased overnight? So, stay tuned till the end because today’s video is going to be a killer. so please, watch this video it until the end to understand everything and draw your conclusions. Remember, I will give away $1000 to a random subscriber as soon as we reach 5000 members on our crypto vision channel, all you need to do is just like the video, subscribe, and comment down below what do you think about the Shiba Inu coin. With no more excuses let’s get started

right now according to the coin market cap, we have 394,796,000,000,000 shib tokens, but recently have been burned more than 50 Tillion tokens, and we believe that we have less than 350 trillion tokens. if in the next 3 years we burn almost 60% of the existing token, we will have over 140 trillion tokens.

right now the crypto market is crossing the 2 trillion dollars, and lots off investor believe will reach 20 trillion in the next years. so without burning token the Shiba token reached $0.00005. and right now let’s considering 60% token burn in the next 3 years.

If Shiba inu is worth $1 we will have the shib market cap worthing $140 trillion, which is quite high. but if we reduce this to 50%, or shib worth $0.50, we will have the Shiba market cap worthing $70 trillion. and this looks interesting.

but let’s reduce more 50%. and we will have the shib worth $0.25. and we will have the shib market cap worthing $35 trillion. and we can reduce again to 50%, or shib worth $0.125.

we will have the Shiba market cap worthing $17.5 trillion. if we reducing the shib price until we meet the possible market cap for the Shiba Inu coin we will have Shiba Inu worthing $0.031.

and we will have the Shiba market cap worthing $4 trillion. this number is realistic and is achievable. so with the current global crypto market cap reaching 10X in the next years, we can have 20+ trillion dollars of the global market cap.

$4 trillion is a good piece for a Shiba token. so if you are a pessimist, let’s decreased it by 50%, or the shib token global market cap worthing $2 trillion instead of $4 trillion.

we will have the Shiba token worth $0.0155. this is a realistic prediction, considering that we will burn 60% of the current supply.

so with 10000000 tokens and Shiba inu, worthing $0.0155, with a global market of $2 trillion in next 5 years, you will have $155000 in the next 5 years, with only $75 investment right now. and this is realistic.

just remember in 2010 when bitcoin was worth nothing or with less than $10 you could buy more than 10000000 tokens, but today worth more than $40000 per token. so make sure you analyze this video and make sure you make a smart investment because this can change everything in your life. thanks for watching this video until the end. I will see you in the next video.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. Before making any investment decisions make sure to do your own due diligence and consult with your own financial advisor. This is solely for entertainment purposes. Please invest wisely!

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  1. I will be here when it happens, because I believes it will definitely happen

  2. Shiba inu to the moon. Let’s practise and prepare to achieve this.

  3. SHIB will be big players if Walmart and Amazon, etc accept it. It will happen very soon

  4. Congratulations 👏👏.
    One of the best analysis I’ve seen ever!!!
    Thanks my friend 😊

  5. I think it will make a difference . I’ve a lot of shib token. We’ll see what’s gonna happend in the future

  6. Many will be looking at SHiba once the SEC loses its case against XRP. I expect it to go to between .01 to .05 cents quickly before BTC retracment

  7. Shiba INU is my favorite coin nd i truly believe that it will be sufficient before 2021 is out.💪💪💪💪

  8. Damn can wait for Shiba Inu & all the hard working people to go to the 🚀 🌕

  9. I hope you are right. I started investing in crypto for 2 months and besides DOT and Cardano I will also buy SHIBA.

  10. Do you think devs will allow Shiba Inu to increase over night? Ofcos if that happens, 90% of holders will sell therefore crashing the coin

  11. If Shiba Inu was really interested in making something of this crypto they were to listen and watch this video we need a really big burn this guy makes a lot of sense

  12. I just bought shiba inu today and i’m curious what it does in the future

  13. Saving your money and investing it into stock market will be the wisest thing to do to.

  14. I’m hoping all the predictions will come true.. Pandemic wiped me out.. Thanks for the $1000

  15. I have faith in Shib to break through and get to higher levels even if its not 1USD

  16. Among all the cryptos right now, I believe more in the Shiba Inu token

  17. Investing in cryptocurrency is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. The Cryptocurrency market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works, I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

  18. Patience is the name of the game when dealing in volatile crypto. Those who hold will win! Hodling with 231 million and will be buying more! Doge is also in my wallet and earning me money each month!

  19. Thanks for the simple breakdown! 4th day. Bought 1.6 mil shibusd with my cigarette money lol

  20. Shiba is the best, it reached where’ it’s today while doge do this for a year, I believe on shiba and will have a goo future

  21. Shib, while risky, actually shows some promise. it does appear that they have a solid plan and are attempting to give the token a solid purpose. I currently hold 24 million Shib, and currently will not take myself below 4.5 million Shib holding. currently my favourite Crypto is $HOT holochain seems to me to be a very solid project with a very promising future.

  22. I’m definitely not missing out on this new dog on the block. Go Shiba Inu!!!💯

  23. Per the last comment by Bergtte…Absolutely correct as long as you have knowledge of how Crypto’s work and have Savvy information and how to invest at the right time. Of course we all look for crypto’s with huge “Upside” potential. The thought of putting up even $60 for 10M coins and prospects of going to .015 = $150,000. Always only invest what you can afford to lose.

  24. I love Shiba Inu I feel in due time this coin will make alot of people wealthy including myself I have faith in the Shiba let’s see how it will turn out patience is a virtue

  25. Thank you for your well thought out presentation. I hope to win so I can invest in in Sibia inu. God bless.

  26. I’m pretty new on crypto and I already bought Shiva … looks like a great deal .. I’m hopeful 🥰🥰

  27. Just bought my first 7 million will be buying more these next 4 years and sitting on it hoping to be a millionaire by my 30th birthday in 2025 🐕👍🏽

  28. I’m not an expert at cryptocurrency but I really do believe in this coin and believe that it’s going to go to the Moon. LEETS GO

  29. Show appreciation for your time you are investing on doing these videos. I’m completely new and novice wanting to invest in crypto looking forward to have an enjoyable and decent retirement. I’m 58 and believe this is a great opportunity to get on board on this last train for me since I am 58 and I cannot hold another decade for the next crash or boom opportunity.
    With the information you provide I’m sureI will be on the list of the new MILLIONAIRES!!!!

  30. You work for 40yrs to have $1M in your retirement, meanwhile some people are putting just $10k in a meme coin for months ago and now they are multimillionaires what a digital world.

  31. I am very new at investing in Crypto Currency and I have watched many different You Tube channels on Shiba Nu. 99% it seems the other Channels are more “click bait”. This Channel was incredible for my understanding of this matter. I will now invest in Shiba Nu , thank you for your teaching. I am a subscriber now.

  32. I just got into investing in Cryptocurrency and so far I have enjoyed it! I have invested in Shiba Inu and I hope it’ll go way up!!

  33. Been investing for about one week now and am very new. It’s like gambling and I’m hooked. So far I’ve made 600$ in days. Shiba Inu is by far my favorite and will continue to put money into it. Love seeing millions of tokens that might hit a penny. It’s beautiful

  34. There is an opportunity always and I am pretty positive it will go up by end of the year extremely

  35. I believe Shiba price is just beginning to climb it could definitely reach $1

  36. Shib has alot of potential. I remember when Bitcoin was 300 USD. I bought a coin but sadly used it to pay for Bitclub network packes. Wished I just held onto it …. Would be been rich. I’m planning on holding my shib

  37. I think shib will be skyrocketing and I’m looking forward to see the rise of Shiba Inu.

  38. I think the #SHIB and #ShibArmy is about to change my life for the best 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  39. From my point of view I believe there is prospect in Shiba inu . Everyone is hereby advised to to invest on the coin.