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  1. Saitama guys get on the train tired of hearing broken promises? Saitama best gains of my entire life these guys tell you Shiba Shiba .01 when Lambo lmfao

  2. You always make a nice video but im really tired of future predictions…it drives me crazy. I think crypto investment is better than stocks. Though i failed sometimes ago when i tried trading myself but Anthony Jeff helps me now.

  3. Might be a good idea to look into Joe Exotic’s official crypto Tiger King coin while it’s still early people!

    Tiger King season 1 had 64 million views.
    Season 2 will be released Nov 17

    Current market cap is $65 million. I expect it to 100x current price

    Do Your Own Research of course😉

  4. *just sold $500 of my Dogecoins for Shiba Inu yesterday – have over 18 million of Shiba now!*

  5. That’s a cartel wallet holding
    500million $ should not be allowed into one crypto.

  6. Charizard Inu is going to follow Shiba.. still under 3k investors and growing daily

  7. $100,000 is not enough. I am hoping for my first $-million . That said I can only imagine using this as a trading platform for future purchases. I have been buying when SHIB slumps. Folks must understand that people around the world are buying up SHIB. This increases the universal use of this cryptocurrency. I am excited and see this as a wonderful chance to increase financial status. Get into the SHIBA train.

  8. people grow up and do some research on your own this POS will never reach this astronomic prices these people pump
    coinbase says average holding time less than 2 weeks. these whales are playing you like a violen get out b4 you loose it all next millionaire maker XEC

  9. Please provide the correct information to ensure the correctness of the headline news. The promotion of SHIB this time is an illusion created to make retail investors think that SHIB is going to rise sharply! SHIB can’t rise anymore! You must be careful about these videos that say they are going to go up greatly, because you may lose money in your wallet. SHIB $0.01 is impossible.

  10. Great project, if you missed Shiba this is like a second chance!!! Luv the tokenomics and growing community!! Let’s go Surge Inu to the moon!!

  11. I have a good feeling that Elon will come out soon and admit that he holds a large amount of Shib!! The whales are buying pre RH listing when Shib will literally explode!!