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Today we cover shiba inu coin and shiba inu coin news today. Recently shib token has been seeing amazing growth so we are looking at shiba inu coin prediction and shiba inu news. We also cover shiba inu price prediction and shiba inu news today. Shib coin and shib token are decentralized currencies. The main focus of this video is shib token news and shib token burn news.

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  1. Elon buys a Shiba dog and doesn’t buy any shibs???? Okay!! Hard to believe.

  2. Now Shiba community is big Shiba army is strong we do not need you Elon Reeve Musk

  3. @ sky crypto: If your burn 🔥 number is correct at 900,000,000 burned a day, then that’s 1/4 % burn per day of 390,000,000,000,000 circulating supply so it would take almost 400 days to get supply down by 99% suggested by The Shiba Army. Assuming all days end up this successful. If NOW payments are joined by Walmart & or, Amazon….. .01 & higher might be possible well before 2025-26 🤞🙏 .

  4. Pretty sure you been saying this for a while you said you would be on Robinhood today hmm?

  5. If I had not listened to that damn cartoon clown-bear I would have been able to retire last Saturday. That damn cartoon clown-bear can go to cartoon hell!

  6. Great advice. I only hold 27 mil but if it goes… it’s a life changing event for all of us #shibarmy

  7. 1 billion is not 1% lol that’s not even close. There is roughly a 500 trillion supply. 1 billion is a speck of dust.

  8. my life is totally changed. I’ve been earning $10,250 returns from my $4,000 Investment every 13 days

  9. There are only 753,092 SHIB holders, 82.13 % of SHIB is held by only 100 accounts. Compare that to Bitcoin where over 76 million people have a Bitcoin wallet. The 50.7 trillion coins that Buterin did not burn is going to be sold and when they are these other 100 holders will dump and run. The suckers will be left the a worthless bag.Wise up people and get out. Here is your next millionaire maker.

  10. absolutely will not hit .01 no way it will not happen. i’m sorry but still making some money on it.

  11. I know it’s not easy any idea when it’s gonna hit 1$ 😅. Will I be alive to see this?

  12. Elon don’t like it cause it’s the dogecoin killer and he aims to be the first dogecoin trillionaire

  13. Shib should be burn 🔥 every time someone mention the name online Shib 🚀🚀 😂😂🤣

  14. I have logic about the reply of Elon musk reply about holding shiba inu
    Obviously Elon musk don’t have any shiba inu coin
    Bcz in the reyoshi article about shiba inu he told us that he( riyoshi) doesn’t have any shiba inu

  15. still holding every single coin since July 2021 👍🏻 never regret it 😁

  16. bro where is robinhood listing ahahah all yelling too early we buy shib just hit minus 0.05 once

  17. I’m no longer waiting for the GRANT LOAN because I earn $29,700 every 10 days recently