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Shiboshis NFTs! SHIB robinhood listing! Shiba inu token coinbase pro listing! CERTIK AUDIT SHIBA INU TOKEN COMPLETE! Woof paper 2.0, woof paper v2, white paper 2.0, white paper v2! Today I talk about shiba inu token! shiba inu coin crypto has been making steady gains over the past few weeks and today I provide an update regarding the price action recently. The price dropped, and I get into all of that in today’s video! Is SHIBA INU cryptocurrency the next big thing? Will this token 100X in the next few months? WHAT IS GOING ON WITH SHIBA INU? SHIBA INU MUST BUY NOW? SHIBASWAP COMING? Shiba inu coin robinhood listing? Shiba inu coin price prediction! SHIBASWAP UPDATE TODAY! What is shibaswap? robinhood listing huge news! More Elon Musk FUD? Shibaswap release today? National SHIB news! HUGE SHIBASWAP NEWS TODAY! shiba inu listing news! DIGGING SHIBA INU TOKEN STAKING SHIBA INU TOKEN SHIBASWAP STAKING! BURYING ON SHIBASWAP! BONE PRICE PREDICTION! CERTIK AUDIT SHIBA INU TOKEN COMPLETE!

HOW SHIBA INU COIN $0.01 IS POSSIBILE! UPDATED PRICE PREDICTION! SHIBA INU RECOVERY IS HERE!? SHIBA INU TOKEN HOLDERS GET READY! THE PUSH HAS STARTED! SHIBA INU COIN (SHIB COIN) URGENT NEWS! WATCH BEFORE BUYING! THIS IS A GAME-CHANGER FOR SHIBA INU COIN! THE NEXT 100X COIN?! SHIBA INU CAN POSSIBLY GO TO 1 CENT AFTER THIS! WHEN THEY PANIC, WE POUNCE! Let the recovery begin! Diamond hands unite! Best cryptocurrency to invest in now? Will SHIBA INU catch up to Doge coin? Is SHIBA INU the next big cryptocurrency? Recent SHIBA INU AMA! SHIBA INU review and analysis! Shiba Inu token $SHIB! How to buy and trade Shiba Inu cryptocurrency! Crypto gems to buy now! safemoon coin vs. bonfire token vs. shiba inu! Safemoon, shiba inu, bonfire news today! Shiba inu token buy now? shiba inu price prediction! Safemoon and shiba inu price prediction! Most hyped coin right now! shiba inu crypto app Shiba swap! shiba inu coin buy now? shiba inu token best crypto? shiba inu token! SHIBA INU COIN! Shiba Inu Crypto! Shiba Inu new exchanges coming? SHIBA INU COIN BURN COMING? SHIBA SHIBA! Is the crypto market better than the stock market? SHYTOSHI NEWS! MUST WATCH SHIB TOKEN NEWS!

Invest at your own risk and recognize that I am not a financial advisor. Any money you put into the market can be lost, only invest money that you are willing to lose and consult an advisor before doing so. Please be careful when investing! I am not liable for any losses based on statements I make on YouTube or any other platforms, please seek professional help before investing into the market. This video is for entertainment purposes ONLY!

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  1. Assuming the holder growth x4 will increase price x4 it’s a little far fetch future owners will invest a percentage of what people on average own now. Ex. I had 10$k worth of shiba bought in 2$k today I wouldnt buy 10k that would be too rich. So the average spend will be less.

  2. We are getting 4k new holders a day – will take more than 2 years to catch up to Doge at this rate.

  3. I invested in both stock and crypto but I believe crypto is doing well better 💯

  4. Be aware of people in those comments they make a profit, its not real and you lose your money guaranteed and you will give them a profit

  5. Holding strong 💰💰💰✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️

  6. I see why you only have 28k you hate to compare? 😂 Crypto is Not in competition with each other but the US DOLLAR 💵 Doge is Doge and Shiba is Doge lol I a Major holder of Shiba & Doge please don’t make me sell bro

  7. Great News for shibholders. Longtime holders always gain.
    Crypto Whale Buys 20 Trillion Shiba Inu Tokens for $1.13 Billion, while Petition to List Shiba on Robinhood Gets 500,000 Signatures

  8. good info, thanks. But watch out for the comments from fake accounts that have 0 posts, 0 followers, were recently created, usually toting somebody for their investment advice…. be careful. thanks for the good work Rigormortis

  9. Adding to my bag. I truly believe shib will hit one dollar once more people start getting into crypto. Let me tell you what will spark this. Facebook changing to the Metaverse. That will spark interest in the crypto space among billions and when that happens, the most trendy coin, the coin that has the most hype, will moon. If shib continues like this it will hit one dollar. What people don’t realize is, more holders mean larger burns because there will be more interest in the NFTs. $1 and beyond will happen. Maybe not anytime soon, MAYBE, but it will happen.

  10. Man this comment section is infested with bots. Is this video clickbait? Not sure if I should take this serious.

  11. Yoooo my man Riggy getting night with these fire videos. Thank you for the updates man

  12. How Long will whales keep selling? Shib is bleeding due to whales for 2 weeks now

  13. “Number of Holders” is tricky though. It usually means “Number of Wallets”. That’s not really the same thing. 1 user can have many wallets. Still though, it obviously helps to have more.

  14. Exactly why holders should be gifting SHIB for the holidays. Any one of us early buyers could spare coins to involve a dozen or so family members who are unlikely to sell anytime soon.

  15. VB still has $40 trillion, the whale that had $5+ billion wallet, other whales allegedly buying million dollars worth of Shiba Inu, the alleged shaboshi NFT burn’s have done nothing in the past few days. The so called community don’t even know what’s going on but this is supposed to be community driven.

  16. This play sounds more like excuses. Funny how buy the dip isn’t being passed around any more…lol

  17. Awesome video man! Do you suggest copy trading as good approach for beginner to start with trading or should I just invest long term while I learn things on how day trading works?? Thank you!

  18. The only problem hodlers of Shiba Inu will have is which yacht they’ll have to choose. Shiba Inu to Mars!

  19. 7 reasons why Shiba inu go to 0.01 penny 1= good eco system 2= a lot of holders 3= good marketing 4= NFT’S 5= the burning is just starting 6= more exchanges listing 7= we went from silver/gold to paper/digital money. So why not to crypto money?

  20. ADAboy. 10000x better than any other dog coin or new coin out there. You get ADA (the actual Cardano ADA) with every buy/sell automatically into your wallet by holding ADAboy. Mind blown 😳🤯😳😳🤯

  21. I’ll continue to hold 100, million it’s locked away and I can’t touch it for 3-4 months so that’s that

  22. I wish I knew what was going on because if I did I would have bought a lot more

  23. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money, christmas is now approaching and Bitcoin will pump up to $100k soon.

  24. unless you burn 70% more shiba the prize will not be much better than it is now.

  25. Safemoon has close to 3 million,it will be huge and will surprise everyone ,reflections are awesome

  26. *Watching the growth of forex/crypto and financial assets in few years, everyone should start investing in passive income even with the dip cause of the surprise in forex/crypto rising!wondering if viewers here are familiar with Mrs Mary’s?*

  27. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto Inu as it’s retracing….BE WISE

  28. To anyone reading this, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. your hard work will pay off