SHIBANOVA Project Review || DEX And Yield Farming Project On BSC

DAPP : https://app.shibanova.io/
Website : https://shibanova.io/
✔️✔️ https://t.me/ShibaNovaDEX ✔️✔️
✔️✔️ https://twitter.com/ShibaNovaDefi ✔️✔️

ShibaNova is the Daily Dividends DEX/AMM and Yield Farming project built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 75% of all fees generated through the use of our dApp is given back to holders of our dividend token on a daily basis. This game-changing daily dividends system not only incentivizes long-term holding but promotes ownership of the project by the entire community.

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Disclaimer – We Make Videos For Educating People , So If you Decide To Invest After Watching Our Video Then We Will Not Be Liable For Any Profit Or Loss Encountered By You In The Process .


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  1. I like this… spotted it last name night and did a bunch Of research. Funny that you put this video out the next day. Congrats to those that get in from here going forward

  2. Investing is how you create wealth,I started investing from pandemic crash

  3. great material as always. I accumulate a little every day, let the whales sell.

  4. I would still rather hold my bitcoin than leave the money in a savings account

  5. You slowly turning into a crypto zombie 🧟‍♂️ and I love it keep doing a great job

  6. $Nova is the best investment at the moment. A lot of ongoing plans and promotions 👌🏻

  7. A thrice audited DEX paying its investors 75% of the DEX revenue on BSC! WTH? This is a retirement play…the Money Pot is the killer dAPP. Don’t regret it…get in now. LFG!!!

  8. Awesome Passive Income generation with 75% of the DEX fees distributed to sNova shareholders 🚀💰