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SHYTOSHI Announced: $0.01 IS POSSIBLE!! Shiba Inu Coin will hit $0.01 in 2022!!

It appears that the Shiba Inu coin is a lot more stable than many people had expected, settling around the support level of $0.00005493. Shiba Inu coin is still a fantastic investment and it’s holding firm at these support levels, but there’s still a lot of fun going on and a lot of that fear uncertainty and doubt surrounding it. but the next intentions to break the two zeros in the Shiba Inu coin have just been reported by Shytoshi Kusama. so, in this video, I will explain to you what Shytoshi Kusama just did recently. The big burn plan will happen in the next few days. Why this burn will make The Shiba Inu coin hit $0.10. New Shiba Inu listing is just happening right now. This and more information you will find in today’s video. So, make sure you watch the video until the end, do not forget to like the video, subscribe, and comment down on what do you expect for the future of the Shiba inu coin. With no more excuses, let’s get started. Right now before we go to the main topic of this video, let’s check what is happening right now with the Shiba inu coin. Consolidation may be taking place before SHIB can make another move. Price tends to anticipate a large breakout when it is locked in a narrow range. Between the $0.000052 and $0.000055 levels, the price has created a range. At the very least, SHIB’s ability to break out of the descending triangle indicates that the downturn has come to an end. SHIB can resume its upward movement if the bulls take over. Price Prediction for SHIB in the near future. Between the current key support and resistance levels, SHIB is likely to consolidate. To resume an uptrend, the price must break out of this range.





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  1. ohhh… please tell me how much market cap that will take… come one.. im a massive shiba holder, but im grounded in reality.