Solana – SOL Coin

SOLANA DEATH CROSS INBOUND!! What Does This Mean For The Sol Price? Solana Price Prediction 2022!!

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  1. Always look forward to your videos. They have saved me a lot of money by keeping me from buying every time it dips.

  2. Solana is a good investment NEVER LISTEN WHAT OTHER SAY NEGATIVE ABOUT SOL believe me you will see Solana at 300 350 soon

  3. If you’re honest about any stock it could go up or down, thanks for the honest assessment. 😎

  4. Sol is my biggest investment on my portfolio and I’m holding definitely one of the best to invest in.
    When Sol starts to jump it will be huge.

  5. Thank you for pointing out the room left on the daily RSI. It’s probably wise to observe for a few days rather than commit to a hasty sell. Good content as always.

  6. (Not a bot) I’ve been buying Sol like crazy since this crash, hopefully it’ll get to 1K later this year

  7. We are the new generation of the Bitcoin Army. Sustainable, advanced, ubiquitous. We will take over the next generation in Bitcoin. Join us, Miners Defi and shape the future.

  8. The Miners army is everywhere, you will never escape, it will come for us all. Why resist? Join us now, Miners Defi.

  9. I bought Miners just for the reflections but then I realized what an amazing project they are building. The new rebranded Miners Defi looks sick, officially launching today. I have a feeling the only way this can go is up even with the market being in the dumps.

  10. Hey Tyler, somone is scamming your IG username, asking people to sign up to some auto-trading platform… to anyone that follows him beware!!!!

  11. DORAEMON INU TO THE MOON(sin utilizar numeros ahora podemos usar iconos o simbolos) 291