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Solana Has HUGE POTENTIAL For 2022 (SOL Price Prediction)

After a rough January, Tom examines if Solana (SOL) could be a top Altcoin this month. Solana directly competes with Ethereum and presents many potential opportunities in the crypto space. Solana’s transaction speed and low gas fees set it apart, but can it keep this up as more and more people start to use the Solana blockchain? Bullish Solana news includes Kevin O’Leary from SharkTank showing great interest in the project. Find out what else is going on with SOL and stay tuned for Tom’s Solana price prediction. Subscribe to CryptoBusy for daily videos on the best Altcoin News with Josh and Tom.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:29 Market Overview & SOL Preview
1:15 SOL Basic Info
1:38 SOL Ecosystem
2:46 SOL TA
4:17 SOL News
5:16 Tom’s SOL Summary

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  1. ICP will crush Solano. Get in now b4 shorts get rekt and ICP to $250 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  2. I liked it better when you made only a video a day. Lot of videos but you don’t say anything interesting 🤔

  3. मुंह में आया बक दिया गांड में आया हग दिया।

  4. I think both of them will co exist eth and sol will.have their own grab of the market share .I think sol might go 500 this year and Eth 12 to 15000 .

  5. I really like your videos but is a bit frustrating that everyday a new coin has “huge potencial” and is going to explode but in reality the market continuous to go down

  6. I used to religiously watch your videos, but you’ve fallen off imo. Just like the rest of the crypto youtube. not so authentic. unfollowing.

  7. Keep shilling guys. Love how the price smacks you in the face everytime you all do this. Its good if you all are bullish long term but stop creating FOMO guys. I’m planning to cancel my membership with you. CB is just turning into one of those pointless shill channels. I’m tuning in to better channels like Coinskid for now.

  8. hy i am new 2 ways will it hit $800 up or now going to drops $50 in next 2 weeks

  9. nice key points
    Request .,, can you do FARM HARVEST video as well regards

  10. In 2022, why are we using Eos Tezos and Stellar as the comparisons and not Avax, FTM and Luna?