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Staking crypto in 2021 is the best way to make money if you ask me. We have a lot of great platforms such as Nemesis Dao, Olympus Dao and way more. However, we want to find the early early catches. Fantohm is one of them. Is this video I’ll show you how to stake your crypto for the biggest returns you can imagine and I give you a lot more usefull information when it comes to staking and taking profits.


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Remember my video’s are not me giving you any financial advise. It’s my opion, take a look at it but do your own research at all times.

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  1. Nice! Love fantohm and Finn too 🙌 some great projects wrapped together there

  2. Hi I want to join, I have the money but the process for me is complicated.. Any suggestions? Thanks

  3. Glad you got your channel back. This looks like a f****** awesome opportunity

  4. you are very good, simple, straight forward – down to the point without greater bla bla. Love it

  5. I dnt think we need any other DAO at the moment. Only Nemesis DAO is rocking. Unparrelled

  6. Man Nemesis Dao has been crushing the bear drop. Have you seen the price??? It’s above 6k per coin. 6k per coin!!!!!

  7. How i can invest the ftm network is suspentend from Binance kucoin and so on i cannot send ftm to my wallet how you do it ? Thanks

  8. How did APY go all the way down to 1.8 million % since you posted this video???

  9. I have just staked some sFHM after watching this, can someone explain why the APY has been slashed to 1,519,437% since the video was showing 4,000,000% how can it vary so much, I’m new to this, any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

  10. Has anyone made any profit from this? Please share your experience so we make sure this isn’t fake…guys if this is real…we can be millionaires literally in a week.

  11. can you do a follow up on your FANTOHM staking profits soon. I see its down too 187 dollars right now.

  12. bro is that fantohm staking auto compounted , can we withdraw only profit amount we get , pls reply

  13. Great video. What site(s) do you use to discover these opportunities ? I’m just learning here so perhaps I’m overwhelmed. Thank you!

  14. This thing is fucking tanking AF. Looks like it’s going to zero. I wonder if this guy planned it from the beginning. Pump this shit then exit. No credibility at all, just a loud voice jumping in his chair, wearing baseball hats

  15. aped in at $123. I went real conservative on the crystal ball too and the projected returns still seem too good to be true but we’ll see what happens

  16. have you heard about huckleberry (FINN) aswell? maybe a review on this new DEX build on Moonriver?

  17. How much did FantOHM and all the other sites pay you to shill their projects? You probably make more money shilling than any profits you make from ACTUALLY using these sites.