Stock market

Stock market analysis. key levels to watch and updates on trade ideas. 2-4-2022

Amazon earnings out of the way. The market is free to sell off now with the big tech earnings out of the picture. Plus dollar breakdown, gold and other trade ideas.
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  1. Q’s look like a reversal pattern 3 legs down, double bottom and higher low. Appointment with a full back test (380) next week.Cleared two trend lines today still the gap and 200EMA to contend with.

  2. Q’s are turning around with significant momentum. Dip buyers are piling in causing short losses daily…. and the Vix is dying more and more each day from its high last week. the Vix doesnt flounder… it spikes and settles fast.

  3. Look at daily line charts of Q’s and SPY. Once W formations are completed with buying volume and 200 day’s and 50 days are closed above, buy, buy, buy. Do the opposite if an M formation is formed and SPY breaks below it’s 200, because Q’s have already had a breakout point failure at it’s 200 and looks like on the daily line chart is trying to form an M pattern and SPY is as well. M’s closer to forming than W’s on Q’s and SPY. They are going to use XLF like hell to hold these two indexes up though so watch XLF as well to determine market breadth health.

  4. I agree that the dollar chart is looking like it is going lower and with the ECB hiking rates its not good for the dollar, but if the market does sell off as you predict, the dollar should get a bid. Can you elaborate on your dollar thesis? Thanks.

  5. The Amazon move is kind of odd, If they didn’t fluff the quarter with the Rivian ipo it would have been a bad miss with weak guidance. It should have been a facebook style bludgeoning.

  6. I am betting that SPY will not close above it’s 100 and 50 day MA without turning around the diminishing buying volume day after day. Same with the Q’s and it’s 200 day MA. Q’s have already had a break out point failure at it’s 200 day MA which is very bearish and without any buying volume extremely bearish. Last time the institutions showed themselves it was with the sellers and with this pathetic buying volume they haven’t started to cover yet since then. IWM remains below it’s 400 day MA.

  7. They will try to use a follow through to Monday effect, like they do every Friday into Monday.

  8. I took most of my holdings in USO off this morning on the gap up doji. Will wait for pullback to get back in. Stagflation plays.

  9. LOL when you mentioned BP! It’s one of my longs that I sell monthly covered calls on. a Gold mine

  10. Mav, all the stocks I have been waiting for, NET, ASAN, DOCN, APPS, have put in double bottoms and have broken out of their down trend. If you have a live feed tomorrow, could you please do NET, so that I can compare my notes to yours. I know you are looking for more down side, but could these stocks have bottomed early. If I am around tomorrow, I will remind you about NET. Thank you

  11. shorting Q’s again for a quick scalp because it’s not able to move above the 200EMA. historically if it can’t do that, it stays low for a while. I can see retest of 334 aka the lows cus of inflation fears and CPI next week.

  12. Biggest contributor to the stock market, which would be the housing market isn’t looking good today and will be needed for the S&P to go higher. ITB and XLRE are going down big today. That is very important factor of housing sector health and everyone knows if the housing market isn’t happy the stock market will suffer. Why because bond yields are going up which are rates. High inflation and high bond yields won’t be absorbable by the market. Maybe by the dumb money, which is what the institutions are counting on and to take advantage of. But the smart money never buys in this kind of environment. Never. This is why all of the CEO’s are distributing at a record pace.

  13. Big F to shorty. Bulls will get you sooner or later. Just wait till March Fed meeting after that Shorty AKA Bears will poop in their pant.

  14. It is proper to short WTI oil in two weeks, because it will pop the 2008 peak of 147 according to this speed in two months. Amazon possibly only has a dead cat bounce because on its monthly weekly 5 EMA and 10 EMA chart still have death cross.

  15. Both my kids actually betted on Amazon like 2778 and affirm .They we’re overjoyed after hours.They called it not a legit rally.Nonetheless they will take me out for a salmon dinner.I get scared.They called it short covering rally.They don’t me that’s what is going on mostly.I am happy with my oil stocks. Waiting for gold to go up

  16. Sold my SQQQ’s during the pop in pre-market… started nibbling on the SQQQ’s during the afternoon once again…

  17. Outstanding is the word His knowledge and expertise as a trader is really extraordinary

  18. I don’t understand what’s going on. Is the market going up or down. I thought it was in a downtrend. My put options are getting roasted.

  19. Think about Meta/FakeBook like this. There are MORE outstanding shares than they have actual users. CERTAINLY daily users. Does that make any dadgum sense?

  20. Mrs. Nathalie is the right person to start trading cryptocurrency with.. she knows her way around the crypto world.. she has been helping me increase my investment every day for over months… She is a genius, have made close to 1btc through her

  21. I love your channel! I just found it! Check out GME for a good short trade right now. Creating a bearflag and nothing but dead air below. GME good for 50% profit in my opinion! I really like how you go over the general stock market indexes every day (SPY, QQQ, IWM, ect). It really helps me to make sure that im seeing the same thing as you! This is great! Just Subscribed! Also if you have time maybe you could go over some other trades that im thinking about shorting such as AMC, GME, SPCE, PTON, BYND, TTCF, DKNG, HOOD, SOFI, OPEN, CLOV, MP, PLTR, SKLZ, SDC, RDFN, TDOC, LMND, SQ, UPWK. Most of these have crappy fundimentals or are overvalued. So these should drop the most and return big gains. I would love to hear your thoughts on these and watch you chart some of these in an upcoming vidoe if you see any good opportunities on them. If not, thats ok too. Just watching you chart the Indexes every day is a HUGE help to me as well. I appriciate you and I am super happy I found your channel! This is Awsome!

  22. lnvesting in crypto now shouId be in every wise individuaIs Iist, in some months time you’II be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  23. Can you cover PTON please? They gapped up 27% after hours today. Time to short it or not?

  24. I believe < that the inflation is already priced in crypto market since the end of last year. These manipulative rats are always 2 steps ahead of everybody because they are market makers. I hope I’m wrong and they won’t keep dumping it on retail investors as always. Those who hold the longest will profit the most, I trade and hold profits keep up the great work! and also Mr Miles Brant has been doing a great job reviewing all chart, trade and techniques on BTC which has enhance the growth of my portfolio to 20 BTC lately...