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Stock Market CRASH: Here’s Why Meet Kevin Did the Right Thing by Selling! QQQ, SPY & Investing

Did Meet Kevin do the right thing by selling? Yes!!!! Kevin sold just after the S&P 500 (spy) and the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) moved off of major resistance in the weekly and monthly timeframe.

He’s made the right choice and is going to have a great opportunity to buy back at a lot lower. So why is everyone slamming him for his decision?

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The FED rattled the stock market recently with a triple threat of policy tightening. This video looks at how that will impact the stock market. Inflation and yields are rising, as tech stocks crash. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 are reversing off the upper boundaries of their weekly channels. They are turn down after tagging the upper trendlines of those channels. The rally back up to the upper channel lines has been on very light volume. The S&P 500 is advancing on declining volume, so its recent breakout to new all time highs isn’t very convincing. SPY, QQQ, DIA, money, investing, personal finance.———————————————————————————-

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This stock market crash update looks at the risks of a possible bear market. Examines things that could create volatility. The market is climbing a wall of worry, here are some issues, 1) geopolitical issues 2) the bond market, 3) Inflation and 4) the virus 5) Fed taper, 6) peak earnings, 7) the variant 8) peak earnings. This video looks at the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) , SP 500 SPX (SPY), Nasdaq 100 NDX (QQQ). inflation, inflation 10 year treasury, inflation bond market, inflation fed, inflation stock market, bond market stock market, TNX, TLT, yields, bond yields, nasdaq yields, stock market crash, stock market crash 2021,stock market bubble,sp500 crash, economic collapse, economic collapse 2021,qqq,spy,spy price prediction, qqq price prediction, Nasdaq 100,spx,dow jones,VIX,sp500 technical analysis, qqq technical analysis, dow theory sell signal ,sp500 news, qqq news, yields, inflation stock market, bear market ,stock market correction, technical analysis, investing for beginners, investing, trading, swing trading, stock market crash, economic collapse, economic depression, economic recession

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