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Facebook wiped 200 billion dollars off of the marketplace today. Zuckerberg losses in the 20 billions. Confidence in the industry is broken warns one tech analyst. This is the first of many breaks in the US Stock Market.

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  1. That’s $400,000 per login loss for one day. Something is so seriously wrong about that. And I’d like to find out where that much money went to, or who got it. It didn’t just disappear and I think that if you ever find out where it went, you’d go out and get at least 6 months of supplies right now. The cash cow is on the killing floor at the slaughter house.

  2. What does $29 billion dollars mean to me…. Absolutely nothing. I can’t even imagine having to do something with that amount of money. Glad it was not my loss, I guess “Freedom is another word for nothing left to loose”.

  3. This is only the beginning of what’s really coming on this earth…It’s going to get much crazier.

  4. The world see’s America as the head of the current global system, the banking cartels enforcers. As Worldwide economies get worse, anti-American sentiment will grow.

  5. Yeah Dollar tree near me all items signs 1.25. 5 items spent 6 something, ewwh.

  6. Thank you Brad and Kelly for the info on the meds. I just ordered them and have spent much more for a lot less! 5 antibiotics for humans under $300 is a great deal especially when Bird Zpacks are going for 90$ and other fish antibiotics are going for a lot more than I paid for them. Great find! Also I wanted to commend you and Kelly for being so informative about all things, and also positive. You take being prepared, without making new preppers feel bad. Every prep you new preppers have is a blessing! Y’all should feel ahead of the curve. Keep moving forward, and have a plan! Bless you Kelly and Brad and thanks again!

  7. You could see it last year in April they telegraphed for weeks tesla was going to buy the dog coin which did happen driving dog coin way way up. Then with hardly notice musk sold making a huge profit. While the smaller investors lost a fortune.

  8. I have a placard from one of my stops (food pantry at social services agency) with USDA guidelines for shelf-life past code date.

    Canned goods packed in broth or water: Tuna, canned meat, canned vegetables, corned/roast beef hash, pea soup with ham.
    Five years past code date.

    Canned goods with a tomato component: Boyardee, beef stew, chili, most soups, tomato/pasta sauce.
    Three years past code date (acidity from tomatoes).
    Read the label for tomatoes/tomato product in the ingredients (beef stew uses tomato paste or puree as a base or thickener).

  9. Whats really scary. How many small businesses depend on Facebook. Yeah zuckerberg might of lost a couple of billion. But c’mon how many mum and dad business on facebook would collapse if Facebook went down.. to many people are to dependant on the performance of others..

  10. Everyone should delete their Facebook and twitter account and move to a different platform!

  11. Who cares what the Rich 🤑 people do or don’t do. I am only focused on myself and my family and friends. We WILL survive and thrive. Because I know how to live without all the entanglement’s of stuff.

  12. When cell phones stop from an emp where will everyone get their information. I’m not worried I have many trades to barter,,I have many survivle skills,,it came from many of life lessons it’s been a life long struggle I dont see how this is going to be much different,I’m ready to starve and do withought once again this is nothing new to millions of us

  13. Facebook lost and will continue to lose users, all because of their far left staff censuring anything that differs from what they think!

  14. The best way to get through this is by forming small communities.
    You may not be able to do it alone ,but as a small group it’s easier. Share skill sets etc
    Be careful who you trust and look out for vulnerable people near you

  15. I think this world may have reach the brink… and its multiple things or a Perfect Storm per say… I did say this was likely going to happen just 5 years ago & I prepared accordingly… kept all my gear and tools and security etc. And yes I was laughed at BUT these people aren’t laughing now… and sadly they have ZERO knowledge as well.. if I give them a radio they cant even use it or fix certain things so if you lack knowledge befriend… kindred spirits or like minded people like myself who might help you when it gets bad… because in my opinion it WILL get bad.. there are multiple threats in the world now…

  16. Folks, I strongly believe we should be prepping not only for ourselves, but for others as well! Think of the elderly and poor people in your neighborhood that are on fixed incomes! They will need lots of support! My prayer is that you would pick a family or couple in your neighbourhood that you can support somehow! Jesus instructs us to “Love all!” Believe it or not, that day is fast approaching!

  17. Zucker berg took billions in cash years ago. He stole his money already. Imagine. He has so much from stupidware that does nothing, provides nothing and is nothing. Without the computer, what do you have ? And when you login, what do you have then?

  18. Bartering is a way life here where I live at now. I live in apt. complex where everyone is either on ss or ssi. The closer you get to the end of the month the more trading goes on.

  19. Save your cash for when the world falls. The poor will be better prepared then people with lots to loose. If you save for when it crashes you will have buying power that you wouldnt usually have. Cheers

  20. That the ultra rich suffer I really don’t care about them…. They don’t care about us. Only the people who work for them very hard and make just enough to live off……. For them I feal sorry. For the rich we are only a microbe on their planet.

  21. Confusing/conflicting numbers regarding “employment” are being presented by various entities. At one end of the number line is a negative 301,000 private sector jobs lost for the month of January while at the other side of zero is a gain of 467,000 jobs were added. Thankful for the jobs being there, however the data seems to require clarification. Were the added jobs primarily government in nature? Has there been some sort of misrepresentation or misunderstanding? I’m not all that familiar with the topic, does someone have some information that would assist?

  22. Facebook does more than just mine data for selling to other companies. If a person posts topics facebook doesn’t like, they will turn that poster into the gov for “investigation”. I know that for a fact. Also keep in mind, youtube is owned by Facebook!!!!

  23. Have Motorhome as full time parking at local closed large shopping store ; seems cars are also lodging at different locations locally- west michigan

  24. Trying to be a rock climber that lives in his car my parents think a house is good. It’s grate till New York turns Caneticut in to flint mishigan DC and New York will turn use in to nogisoky and if Groton is hit we turn in to churnoble

  25. I have stage 4 cancer,a shattered back and arm,heart failure,,anemia.i don’t even have furniture. How do u survive when Noone helpsa,

  26. I bought a honey baked ham and I attached electrodes and wires and an antenna but I’m not receiving any stations what am I doing wrong?😜🤓🍖📻 #HamRadio

  27. Never went on Facebook never will .I have heard of facebook jail because of comments that don’t fit their narrative.I have never heard of YOUTUBE JAIL!

  28. Good job telling people about the shelf life of canned food, Brad! That article is = Before You Toss Food, Wait. Check It Out! by the USDA 😊👍

  29. I think the thing that is really killing my shopping budget is dog and cat food! Crazy 2-3X increases, and empty shelves.

  30. The economic hardship, recession, unemployment and the loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures. Well, I’m taking a trip into investing because I lost so much during this pandemic. Multi creation of wealth is the best strategy to ensure financial sustainability..