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Stock Market: Price Action Analysis (Feb 2022)

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  1. How do you decide what time period to use for your candles? If you’re waiting for a retest like with COP wouldn’t you actually miss the retest if it’s a one day candle since it would not form until market close

  2. The time for so many stocks to be up now is over. Stocks better earn their going upward.

  3. Sir why you don’t make video on options ?? Please share your knowledge and ideas on options and bless us !

  4. Sir the loss you tell was obvious because there was a gap below and market always fills gaps now or later !!

  5. Hello could you please tell what u mostly trade is it trading options or futures or swing or positional or investment.

  6. You are awesome thank you for your time! If you could talk about crypto TA that’d be amazing!!!

  7. Don’t really understand how this things work… Thuo I can’t handle my trade,that’s why I got myself a good broker.

  8. Hey man, I’m very grateful for your help. You’ve helped me become a more proficient and profitable trader. Much respect from South Africa 👊

  9. Rayner I like you but best to trade high beta stocks when they are in value (fundamentally) zone, there are always so many other better options , otherwise downside happens very quickly as they ate already way over extended and not in value zone

  10. Thanks v much esp for your honesty on loss trades. I would be very interested in any further TA you do in future on commodities and their mining/drilling companies : oil, uranium, industrial metals (copper, silver), precious metals, lumber. I think the bull mkt for these will happen during next couple years and relatively not for stocks esp tech stocks.

  11. Rayner pls make this kind of video every week not very month. we love this kind of analysis

  12. Great video, love you content! Learning about my own editing and taking notes

  13. Is it also possible to use the exact same strategies on a down trend with buying and selling?