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#Stock Market #Rbi credit policy and ETF investing is easy?

By Sethuraman Research Analyst INH200006831


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  1. Parag parik flexi usually I will add lumpsum, but as of now as per sebi temporarily lumpsum Resistricted , so iam in search and noticed quant active and pgim flexi, between this 2 which 1 I can go for, personal I like both, but need still clarity, nowdays quant is also performing very well especially quant active is impressive, ur feedback ji? Ok

  2. Hi sir . If RBI increases interest rate, Will it be benifit to banks or drawback to banks?

  3. Voice is low (please use effective mic, because when I am working other noises are disturbing

  4. ETF இல் டிவிடண்ட் தருவர்களா?.

  5. Sir for our followers can you conduct a single day workshop to trade and about investments its very useful for retail traders sir? We also get-together in a year once atleast, to meet you in directly with pay or without pay its your decision sir

  6. Sir, please make a video on the margin statement that we receive daily. The buy and sell difference that is PL an dbalance in margin statement inclusive of credits to bank accts, seem to varying.

  7. Sir..can I buy Trident for short term?tnq sir .your videos are very informative .