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Stock Market Ready to Make a LARGE Move… Buy Now, Wait or Sell? [SP500, QQQ, TSLA, AMZN, ARKK]

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We look at the S&P500, Nasdaq(QQQ), Bitcoin, USDX, Silver, Gold, Russell 2000, and TSLA, AMZN from a technical analysis perspective to try and make some sense of what’s exactly going on.

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  1. Great work as always. Bearish 1st 2-3 days of next week. Bond yield increases will scare the markets especially the QQQ

  2. The BTC shows us that when he wakes up he knows how to do it and destroy all the bears!! Never go against the trends on cryptos, even less put levers, it is about the immediate sanction as soon as you turn your back, now anyone who has been in the crypto space for the last 6 or more years certainly knows about the cycle structure, every 4 years BTC goes through a halving even where the amount of Bitcoin that is mined is cut half. Well, the block reward is cut in half. this cause huge price spikes every 4 yrs because it create a supply and demand crisis that can’t be priced in until it’s a reality. >but all thanks to Marcus Archer who taught me how to make trade and increased my Crypto from 6 to 21BTC now. No one really knows what is going to happen in the market and I know you are only saying what you think will happen based on the past. It is yours and my opinion so people should make their own Investment choices based on their own research. You can reach Marcus on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉Marcusarcher

  3. Dude you open interest chart was spot on for SPY. Smart money closed-end so all puts and calls lost!

  4. They used to “control” inflation by keeping the majority barely getting by and only counting things sold at Walmart–literally. Now, even that isn’t working.

  5. I bought Amazon before earnings, I sold it in after-hours when it popped over 500 points. +$7600 sweet

  6. For those who are interested, Amazon actually hit 3,300 in after-hours after earnings. I know this because I set my sell at 3300 and it executed. I couldn’t believe it. That was a nice $7,600

  7. It’s funny when you hear people talk about a stock hitting a bottom and turning around by looking at the technicals, but yet if you go back the past 6 months like Arkk, there were many many fake bottoms

  8. I lean slightly bearish, sue to the US10Y, however if BTC pumps, I‘m not shorting the QQQ.

  9. There is an old adage, “Don’t tell me what you think, instead tell me what is in your account and why.

  10. Im like, what??? What is happening again!!??? (Clicks video, hits like button immediately.)

  11. Tom, thanks for great daily coverage. Please cover the diff between bottom rebound vs a bear-flag.

  12. Thx Tom, great analysis. Feels like sentiment is turning positive. I am a bull for this week. Cryptos breaking out and I think if wall street wanted the market to tank it had every opportunity to do this on Friday and had the perfect excuse. Also noticed the volume on the Thursday sell wasn’t that great. Credit spreads aren’t blowing out either so lots of ticks in the +ve sentiment column IMO.

  13. Great work as always Tom.
    Keeping an eye on Cameco results wednesday, uranium to da moon……

  14. He’s super excited about $103 dollar a barrel oil like it’s a good thing… Bahahahahah…

  15. TSLA gonna go big. Inverse head and shoulders. And on the right shoulder is a cup and handle

  16. The market is in the game of chairs, with survivers trying to find their path for thriving. Tactical Bear

  17. After the signaling of the FED raise in interest rates since late last year, the overall Trend and Pressure from dependent sources has been BEARISH i.e. nothing beats the FED. I do not believe that in such an environment it would incentivize growth in the Stock market. Hence the OVERARCHING TREND is BEAR until interests rate hikes stabilize in a few years time!!

  18. Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

  19. Sorry Tom, surely a positive outlook on the indices is dependent on the 10 year…if that hits 2 and above, there is going to be a big sell off.

  20. A cup with handle on the 10 year yield followed by a bullish continuation pattern. Both break out points are at 1.75. We are well above that and the target level is 3% and 2.5 respectively. It should be noted that at approximately 2.5 we will test the long term descending channel resistance. If that breaks through I believe interest rates will go parabolic, and the system will die. This has been my understanding of the interest rate cycle for 5 years. I was actually predicting a rise in 2023. We all know that interest rates have been artificiality low.

  21. I’m thinking bond yields are headed for a blow off top. all out of control things tend to head towards those blowoffs. So we may be close to a whoosh bottom on the markets as well..

  22. That line on the spy u r referring to on the daily is the 200 day not the 50. The 50 is above.

  23. I’m wondering the same thing about BTC possibly signaling the market might go bullish. Guess we’ll see, but something I definitely noticed on Friday

  24. Amazon’s earnings Sucked! Yeah Yeah Yeah, their past numbers were great but their guidance was terrible

  25. We may turn around but the higher likely hood is that we will make lower lows for many reasons but #1 is uncertainty and Liquidity is drying up

  26. Hey Tom, can you please recommend me which pivot point indicator should I use on tradingview?

  27. Investor? Are you out of your mind? Doing TA for 14 years yet the level of TA is equivalent to toddler. All negativity aside appreciate your effort, just be curious and improve the TA.

  28. When your friend who doesnt look at or own stocks tells you to sell everything cause the economys gonna crash, thats my #1 call indicator

  29. crypto dropped before the US equity market did and now it is recovering first, so it could be very bullish times for a while. But how long really depends on how things unfold. Don’t know about that executive order. It may tank the party.

  30. 2-3 rate hikes max. Inflation is a global problem and foreign central banks are taking action. Reduction in global demand will accelerate a decline in inflation in the US.