SushiSwap – Sushi Token

SUSHI COIN Is Ready To Explode (Huge Gains)

In this video, we go over SUSHI or Sushi Swap crypto and its massive runup

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  2. The pump happened because Uniswap recently had a huge inflow from Chinese investors who are getting forced off centralized exchanges by their government. There is a good chance Monday morning there could be a larger pump when institutions act on the news.

  3. sushi is going to dump soon just be carefull about this video and all other video about ushi pump

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  5. Back in the day young folks would seek knowledge and wisdom from older adults as us older adults have been around the block a couple more times than you young cats, when it comes to crypto I find myself seeking knowledge and wisdom from young folks or just anything that has to do with technology full stop. From an old dude to a young dude, you are a very sharp kid and I enjoy listening to your videos. Cheers, Steve.