In this video, I discuss VEVE NFT’s and ten catalysts that will continue to drive prices higher over time.

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This is not financial advice and I am not a financial advisor.


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  1. it ‘s going to be tough not selling my todd at 100k! We will see the attachment of our collectibles when they reach crazy prices…

  2. Hopefully thinking, but I hope they make some insane utility for having the complete golden moments, let’s say when you get to a Disney park with a full golden moments set, you can pick up a golden Disney Castle nft.
    Just imagine how rare and crazy such thing would go for.

  3. With my Sr spdiey hitting 80k its hard not to sell, I live at home with parents in a room and this wouod do so much for me bt I am certain it will hit 500k so I’m putting my money where my mouth is and gritting my teeth

  4. If they run 2 or 3 drops at the same time that could work (as long as the servers can handle it). It would increase supply and keep scarcity the same. People can just choose the drop they want to go for.

  5. Do you think Elsa Golden moments will be one of those NFTs that can hit 1 million dollars in a few years when we have 10 or 20 million users on the platform?

  6. Do you think collectables or comic will dominate the highest value NFTs on VeVe in the future? Hopin my ASM#1 sr hits close to a milly some day 🤞

    jk. We’ll be fine. Think long term.
    Can’t wait for the VeVeVerse!

    Great video as always Danny!

  8. I wonder if we see the first million dollar nft sold on veve in this year 2022 😵‍💫🤑

  9. Conversely, a lot of people, including myself, have their funds tied up in crypto right now as the market is down. Imagine when crypto bounces back 3 to 5x, it’ll free up more assets to put into NFTs.

  10. Todd McFarlane Batman is the FIRST NFT on VeVe ever
    the FIRST “Batman” NFT ever
    and the first “D.C.” NFT ever
    This one will reach 7 if not 8 figures some day

  11. can you create a vid on VeVe NFT hodlers that don’t want to sell their NFT, but instead wants to obtain a loan and using their NFTs as collateral. Which projects out there are safe to use and which ones offer the best rates. thank you.

  12. Im with you 100%…now…can you do a video explaining the 5 reasons on why the first 10 aren’t possible IF…all this of course not spreading FUD…just awareness…being able to see the full picture will haelp people seeing Veve from all angles

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  14. I feel like Harley Quinn Deluxe 2 is a 2nd generation Veve Collectible the detail on it is amazing if you really look at it, very undervalued at 200 gems too. Now if only it had animation to it it’d really be super next gen. I can’t want to see what the possibilities are for collectibles in the future.