Tenset 3rd GEM LAUNCH!! SURPRISE its Everdome?! How does this affect Metahero?!?!

Tenset is now launching its 3rd GEM Everdome, Presale breakdown, and how this affect Metahero

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📝 Chapters 📝
0:00 Intro
0:12 What is Metahero
0:28 What is Everdome
0:48 What is Tenset
1:09 Presale Explained
2:06 Everdome pools
2:20 Strategy Breakdown
3:36 Closing Statement
4:13 Conclusion

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  1. Do you think with “futher listings” they also mean the listing on Binance? That would mean that we will see a listing in December.. and it doesn’t look like that

  2. Why this tenset news just drop…n where is the whitelist? How do you know of your own their

  3. which play do you think is best for the new comers right now? buying metahero or waiting for the launch of everdome? and where did you find that countdown because it’s not on the everdome website?

  4. Another great video Brandon. No overacting, nice and clean information. Keep up the good work. It’s called Tenset btw, not tensen 😉

  5. Watched few videos, really high quality. Love your content on fundamentals, please keep them coming. Liked, subscribed & hit the bell button!

  6. really enjoying the videos Brandon. you should take a look at quant and do a deep dive on it. tipped to have huge potential once institutions get more involved with crypto

  7. It’s 5m dollars worth of tokens, glad I’m subscribed to tenset plus I got my 10k hero in before the 10th.. let’s see how this one goes

  8. Nice video. First time viewer and new sub.

    Am I understanding correctly that:

    There is no actual pre-sale, there is only an allocation given to the 2 groups of people, those who are in Tier 1,2 and 3 of Metahero (who have their coins in a private wallet), and those who have their 10set coins locked in on the 10set platform?

  9. How do you see medicine being tied into this?

    And at the 1:03 mark, where it says # of participants, is that all the people who took place in the metahero presale, 619?

  10. I thinkt’s good to be involved in something so early. Metahero and Everdom are the technology of the future.

  11. well could you answer a very basic question,,, they say they loyal heroes who bought the 10k minimum tokens before 10 december,,will be rewarded with everdome tokens,,,,but it also says nov 25 ,,, they take a snap shot,,,and again on dec 10,,,? so if i transfered on december 8 ,, am i eligiblle for one slot? or everyone must bought on nov 25,,, so complicated,,, guide us,,, no one is clear about that

  12. thank u very much,,, you have cleared things in some extent,,,but my simple question is that,, am i eligible for 1 slot of hero, which they promised,, as i transfered my 10 thousand heros on dec 8th, which is 2 days before december 10 and after that i didnt touched them , they are in my personal trust wallet,,,,,and second question is that, how i will know that i will get a slot and when i will get a slot ,, it will be on january 10? so after that i can get everdome coins on presale price for sure,,, remmber i transfered on dec 8th ,,not on november 26

  13. Hi Brandon,What is the slot and what does it mean? I already had 100k before the 10th, that is, I had 10 slots. After the 10th, I bought 530k hero in CEX. If the slot is valuable, I will transfer it to DEX wallet. Thank you, brother.

  14. brandon i somme say to get into everdome lock 50,000 hero and others lock a certain amount of tenset ? wich is wich?