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Cardano News
There is some spicy new beef between two of the largest projects on the Cardano network. Sundaeswap and Cardstarter announced a partnership last year.. Just days before the launch, Sundaeswap announced that they are making some changes to their end of the bargain.

Why would Sundaeswap do this? When they announced their partnership, Sundaeswap was the underdog. By the time they were ready to launch, Cardstarter’s value on the platform was 70% less than it originally was.

Since many of the details in this story are still coming out in real-time, we can only make speculations for now. Does this drama between the two projects mean that we should lose faith in Cardano as a whole? Absolutely not. Cardano has a lot of real-world potential and this beef won’t give me the meat sweats.

Cardano latest news
What’s happening with Sundaeswap
Cardstarter Sundaeswap partnership
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  1. Hey, hey, 800K! Grab your subscribe above so you can say you were here before it was cool

  2. So where did all the money go for those holding the CS tokens? Are they using that money to fund their “merger” with SundaeSwap?

  3. Real scandal is that the Ada I submitted a week ago has not been scooped. And this is the Ethereum killer? Please

  4. Smart people taking advantage of suckers. It’s a story as old as time. This is just the latest incarnation.

  5. If the whole deal was based on TVL I don’t see how that could have influenced either side sharing that piece of information or how it would have affected the NDA. Instead people invested based on the AMA and the idea that this investment was going to be a great decision. It had people at ease when you are reassued that the CSWAP holders was going receive a great benefit. What gets me with this whole situation is the whole time TVL was not mentioned at any point as a deal breaker and if so why wouldn’t cardstarter promote more projects that would have enhanced TVL. In my opinion I think there was a deal that was done but TVL was just a small part.

  6. It seems Cardano just goes slow but when it gets there will be awesome. I’m hoping that’s true!!!!!

  7. What I have learned in crypto is once the team tells you to “rest assured”, then you know there will be bull manure at the end.

  8. ada is my safety bag along with tether i am sure it will be just fine and back on track asap

  9. Thanks for the video! I have just started staking ada on bfx, and I really needed to know if there’s something huge coming that needs to be taken into consideration

  10. Personally as a first time investor, I started trading with Mr George William With $1,000 now my portfolio is worth $5,400 within the space of few months trading with him

  11. This is all badly handled by Sundaeswap, can’t be screwing up hapless investors without regards.

  12. “Rest assured, there’s nothing to be worried about here”. That sentence was the nail in the coffin.

  13. I’m sure there’s gonna be a scientific research paper that solves all of this lool Cardano is so sad seriously, everyone was duped but nobody realised it’s just a research project that is never actually going to be real lol it fails to do basic things that much smaller projects managed by just one person are doing in production lol pathetic

  14. That sounds plausible and sounds like Sundae did nothing wrong. Card entered into an exchange agreement with no locked in rate whilst both were startups in an extremely volatile industry. This means either A: they were blatantly stupid, or B: they left themselves the door open to do to sundae what sundae did to them, not anticipating the flip in project popularity. You could argue that sundae was not accommodating to card investors but they have their own investors to put first.

  15. Seems Sundae Swap tried to screw over Card Starter – but Card Starter bringing it into the public eye right away instead of resolving it privately was incredibly damaging to the Cardano ecosystem. Such a shame that these differences could have easily been avoided by using the method of smart contracts to reach agreements. I think Charles video about this being 20 something CEO’s hit the nail on the head… they simply do not have adequate business experience.

  16. It be best just to get harmony one and forget the drama and have better returns.

  17. Cardano is going to bit the dust because charles hoskinson is about to retire in 2years and so I recommend hedera hashgraph and XDC for better returns and safer future.👍

  18. MAKE YOUR MOM PROUD🌹 Don’t dine and dash ! Leave a tip ! CLICK 👍 COMENT 👌 SHARE 🥂

  19. What drama? CS always had multiple red flags even though loads of youtubers felt the need to shill it. It’s a crap project, just accept it.

  20. Cardstarter/starlaunch team and their NDA’s came full circle. If you bought a token for a non-functioning protocol launched on another network in hopes youd get something for free thats on you. Invest smarter.

  21. I highly doubt this issue happened because of a “lack of experience”. When the leadership says they have legal teams involved, noone expects a verbal, good-faith agreement. There are lies and corruption involved in both teams, most likely a back room deal. I am very disappointed because Charles has made many sacrifices building a name for Cardano as a secure and trustworthy chain… and for no fault of the blockchain, a bunch of idiots are giving all Cardano holders a bad rep.

  22. The best investment one can do right now is investing on Forex trading though stocks are good but ever since I swapped to Forex, I’ve seen so much difference

  23. ADA has failed, slower than expected, and waited 2 days for Sundae Swap transaction.