PancakeSwap – Cake Token

The Future of Pancakeswap and Cake Token

The Future of Pancakeswap and Cake Token
In this video we talk about my thoughts and opinions regarding where pancakeswap is heading and if cake token can recover.

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  1. I’m also having same opinion.Cake here to stay for long.No Matter what happens to price..

  2. Cake is very dependent on BTC price action….so just hodl. It will bounce back when BTC gets stabilize.

  3. The problem is that the Cake Token has unlimited supply. This is not good for crypto!!!

  4. Have you looked at BabySwap? They are positioning themselves as the new Pancake Swap.

  5. I’m going into it, hope it bounces up eventually. The FUD definitely scares me but I want to DCA in and see how it goes