The ‘Humble Farmer Thesis’: A guide to profitable Yield Farming

Taiki is a crypto Youtuber who has a great reputation in finding and selecting yield farming opportunities. In this video, we share some of his best ideas, including his Humble Farmer Thesis!
Taiki’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheTaikster
How he made 17k farming Matic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXGNvL-LKMQ

Yield Farming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaeI5D6NDvw

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  1. nice vid! will check out Taiki too :), btw I lost quite a lot to those degen farms, namely honeyfarm, a heck load of impermanent loss. sticking to stablecoin farms/safe farms until I research and understand more

  2. Might consider this for coins that do not allow staking. I’m not clear on some things yet but how is yield farming different from being a liquidity provider or staking?

  3. So far I stayed away from yield farming cuz scammers, but I love your idea, learnt alot from this channel given I only found out just couple days ago! Awesome gem channel ✌🏾️

  4. great vids guys, there is a lot of garbage crypto content taking advantage of newcomers everywhere so a recommended youtuber list would be awesome, please do it!!

  5. I like the idea of the Crypto Youtuber Tier List!
    So far this is one of very few channels I’ve found that has great quality educational crypto content and it would be great to know about more!

    Also, have you considered doing a video on Hedera Hashgraph? :P

  6. You are awesome. I learning a ton with you un año easy and Fast way. Thanks from Spain

  7. I have been binging your videos this last month, you do such a phenomenal job speaking well and creating very informative digestible content! LOVE IT THANK YOU

  8. Great video! A video showing and ranking some youtube channel is a really nice ideia 🔥👌

  9. Thank you so much! Your channel is amazing, so informative and with no shill!
    And Taiki’s channel is the shit!
    Smaller channels so much more informative and helpful.
    Thanks again!

  10. 1. I will speak for everyone here. Yes crypto YT tier list is something we want.
    2. 30k to 43k in a couple days. Insane. Speaks to demand for quality education in the space. Reinforces number 1.

  11. I swear when I first subscribed I saw the channel at 2k subs. Congrats for the boost in viewers and Subs and towards many more successes in the future!

  12. @cryptocito

    Great youtuber and talks mostly does interviews with high value individuals in the crypto space. Also showed how to farm on osmosis using the cosmos network!

  13. you should 100% take up that crypto youtuber tier list!
    i would want to be exposed to new faces in the crypto scene

  14. Honestly this channel is one of the best. Channel’s like this, is how they grow a good community and yes crypto YouTube list.. great idea

  15. Love the idea for crypto youtuber list, as always great content in your videos, thank you for your dedication , 🙏

  16. That’s how commercial banks worked in the 1800s. Since 1914 and the Fed creation, banks borrow from the Fed to lend at 0%. Customer money is a liability and used for interbank settlement. It is owed to the customer and not an asset to lend against.

  17. Prices are driven by the community. Because he has a community he can influence price changes.
    The Dinoswap ecosystem shouldn’t be suffering like it is now. Taiki is in charge.
    Significant changes due to the community’s profit-taking caused panic and continued.
    It wasn’t just Taiki’s predictions, but his community that made his prophecies come true.
    This damage event can be repeated in the Avalanche ecosystem where he is currently doing yield farming. It takes a big responsibility with a big impact on the community

  18. Great idea on the youtube crypto list . As a noob , it’s very important to learn the ropes from someone reliable and in the initial days you don’t now who they are

  19. You are the reason the crypto space is an amazing place to be. When you lift others, you rise.

  20. This video is great. I appreciate you for making these videos short and to the point. You make learning about crypto fun and easy. Thank you.

  21. I’ve been watching and enjoying your videos for well over a month and gained a lot of insight into some projects and ideas, new and old.
    That said my journey to this video was… odd
    I just binged a lot of Cartoonz’s videos. His and your thumbnails have a fairly similar artistic style, but he uses Pepe the Frog regularly in his thumbnails, whereas you only occasionally have a meme in it.
    Needless to say I was EXTREMELY confused for a minute, but man that set me of laughing so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. Thanks for the laugh! And looking forward to some more good ole fashioned knowledge.

  22. I love Taiki for introducing me to polygon network and AAVE lending but his videos started making riskier and riskier plays like degen farming. Dino actually crashed terribly

  23. Very good idea listing the youtubers with the best content.
    Don’t forget putting yourself on first place.
    Really appreciate your content and your work!
    Keep going

  24. You didn’t talk about the core principle of his strategy: the humble farmer thesis.

  25. I’ve been in the crypto space since for four years and this channel is among if not the best in educating people about this industry

  26. Oh, I appreciate this info because I was wondering. So did you create the CYT list already? Perhaps you could collab with some of them and see what cool stuff you create.

  27. Probably already underway, but just to say supportive of a list of crypto educational YTers like yourself – perhaps think collabs? I don’t have any association with this channel but I find Coin Bureau by Guy really good also

  28. Please do that youtube tier list. I’ve been looking for other channels too specifically ones that show us how to invest in decentralised games and real estate

  29. I need help choosing a laptop to get started in defi. I can’t find the answers anywhere. Can I just use a cheap Chromebook or do I need a full windows laptop?

  30. The tokens produce from Degen yield farms can be valuable if given a useful purpose/utility

  31. “Crypto Moonshot Farm,” lol. I love it! I also love your idea about the tier list as it is difficult to find excellent crypto content imho. I also agree with your assessment of Taiki as I have found many of his videos helpful.

  32. I know I’m late to the party, but I would love to see the tiered list of Crypto YouTubers!

  33. I like the idea of yield farming but like many viewers i am just starting out and i lack the depth of knowledge required to yield farm successfully. Can you develop a new channel that that acts a Yield farming club where people can join and invest in yield faring with you and your teams help. For example i joined another channel where i followed the channel to go from 1000AUD to 10000AUD buying and selling Crypto.

  34. But where does the money of matic come from ?it looks like they are keep on giving money to others attracting people to use it. Is matic just keep on printing money? To me if they just issue tokens, that sounds like printing money