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The LIES Need To Stop (SafeMoon + DRIP Discussion)

Certain members of the SafeMoon community are doing the exact same thing they hated others doing about SafeMoon, spread FUD and not do their own research. It’s a toxic mentality that has been growing from within and I’m here to address this and my hope is people will step back, do their own research, listen to the facts and grow and evolve. Crypto is bigger than any one project.

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My interview with DRIP creator. Question about pyramid scheme/ponzi scheme I ask at 14:28 –

SafeMoon Roundtable. Adam’s callout on Trolls at 33:19. I follow up with clarification at 38:16. –

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  1. I’ve been hearing that some support me and my friends but they’re “afraid” to speak up defending us.
    I will do the best I can to be a kind, caring content creator. I may not support every project out there, but I also don’t have to become a toxic person because of it.
    There’s plenty of resources out there.
    When in doubt, ask question. You might be surprised what you learn. God bless.

  2. Cancel Adam Bergman! Cry Baby As* Mitch! He’s A cocky p o s. Bad vibes for Safemoon! Safemoon to the moon🔥🚀🌕

  3. Why did so many prominent SFM youtubers all do videos on DRIP all at the same time? THAT just seems sus bro. Maybe it’s legit, maybe it’s not, but it’s not a good look when you all do videos on the same token at the same time. 🤔🤔🤔

  4. I’ve been here since the beginning. The community has already been scammed by the former influencers. You guys should be honest if you’re getting paid to shill things. That video with A Bergman was disappointing him trashing the community. You guys need to start separate yourselves from his opinions otherwise it makes me believe he speaks for you guys.

  5. always researching and safemoon is an amazing project. keep up the great work much appreciated. thanks

  6. Its a coin all of you got together to use the safemoon army so you can gain money …. stay away folks, all of these people that do the weekly safemoon thing got together to take advantage of you …. they basically just knew they would get thousands of you to just follow in …. they will be making money, not you … now why you might not lose money, you still wont make anywhere clise to them … i really hate that these Safemoon doods all turned around and decided to use you all

  7. I was down in his comments telling its irresponsible to state his opinion on something when he obviously didn’t do any research

  8. Yea I got into it with him today told him to do his research before making a video like this. I hold Safemoon and Drip, I’m definitely done watching him after what he did

  9. This is what I put on JW K SHOW VIDEO: Pretty sad when “we the Safemoon community” that has received countless hate and ponzi scheme labels, slowing rug pulling meme status, can have the nerve to call any other crypto a Ponzi SCHEME

  10. This issue of FUD….isn’t just about DRIP. A huge problem is you have start up Youtubers who have NO idea what it means. To verify your information. Or not even have enough knowledge….to know whats true, and whats not!! Or what they’re talking about.. Or they just do a crappy job of explaining everything.

    Then you have viewers….who just want to personally attack….anybody!!! And if you try to add valid content in the comments. They get attacked….for no reason. Or….they are repeating what some other crappy YouTuber has mindlessly said….as though it’s a true fact. When it’s not!! Or get attacked if someone has a difference of opinion.

    This FUD issue has nothing to do with DRIP. It’s just the whole crap that YouTube is turning into. And of course….the same garbage is going on in America…

    Each side attacking the other….just to shout down. And demean others.

    It’s not about DRIP…..!! But the culture we live in!!


  11. I’m in many other projects, definitely not over leveraged. You put him on blast, paused his video to disagree with no rebuttal, besides “not true” if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck shits like a duck, must be drip…

  12. Concerning all the drama, I personally don’t don’t invest in drip, but I also don’t have an issue with you talking about it because you have talked about other projects since the beginning of this channel

    I will say I definitely do believe you influencers have your following because of safemoon so I do see why some are upset at all this drip talk (and let’s be honest, it all happened at the same time which makes it seem coordinated) but at the end of the day, it’s people’s choice to invest or not. I like your content overall though and was happy to hear your side of the story on this safemoon after dark issues

  13. Drip started at 22.00$, now it’s at 136$. So now is a good time to invest in tha? Drip is way too complicated, for the average person to to even try to buy it.SafeMoon is a cinch, love you Atlas!

  14. I listen to some spaces on twitter, one whas indeed talking about Drip as a scam, generation crypto whas in it for a while trying to defend Drip. But it’s no use, they always spreading hate in these spaces, i don’t listen to them anymore it’s almost like a cult. And i don’t need al that negative talk. I keep it with everyone frim the round table 😉 maybe in the future i invest in Drip

  15. heck ya bro good job defending your side and not giving an inch, not enough people put things into a big perspective like this and im glad you did

  16. Sticking to EGC, SFM, and Catgirl for my long shot holds. Drip is questionable at the least.

  17. I have gut check about drip. Just don’t want you guys to be affected by a negative project. Was going to invest myself but doesn’t feel right.
    Love my safemoon and can’t wait for evergrow!

  18. Personally I’m tired of see drip pushed down our throats from the same 6 people I’m subbed to but that’s just me

  19. Great video Atlas. I listened to that JWK show and was so disappointed that I had to call him out in the comments.

  20. It’s sad this has gone so far!!! Unfortunately doing a video like this just adds fuel to the fire. I respect anyone’s choice and beliefs. You can’t have everyone like your choice and you will always have people that don’t agree and will voice their own thoughts that’s just society. I think the way drip works with a referral attracted a lot of hate if it didn’t nobody would have cared. I hope you do well with your projects you are a good guy 👍 Me personally I’m staying away from all of the YouTubers and Twitter spaces for a few months and hopefully we will have the community back to what it was.

  21. Good video atlas I am invested in both SafeMoon and drip because of the info yourself and arjay have put out and now I am reaping the rewards and investing more into SafeMoon, good vid and well explained

  22. Best Drip discussions, period! Thank for another amazing video! I had actually commented on that other video stating that the webpage he commented on was not affiliated with the Drip community.

  23. The facts are the majority of your subscribers don’t want to hear about Drip on your channel it’s plain and simple.. you addressing the people fudding drip makes you look triggered, pressed, nd like a paid spokesmen for them which is okay.

  24. 32:37 and you convinced me more that it’s a rug pull, red flag after red flag, if that doesn’t convince you, you deserve what you get

  25. This is why I stopped following crypto communities. Either you like the project or you don’t. I’m not here to convince anyone but to invest into opportunities for myself.

  26. I really don’t like how you tried to call him out. He seems cool and everyone say do your own research. You made a bashing video on him and did not even show the end of his video saying there is other stuff that can happen to help the 1%. Positivity is great but you just made a full hate video. Don’t be a hypocrite brother. When is it ok to be just as bad as the people you really made at ??

  27. #SAFEMOON maxis think that they own your money :D telling you where you can and cannot invest :D this is too funny :D

  28. Can I use your referral link on drip if I already joined a default team… can I change teams?

  29. Can I ask what you use for your crypto in terms of security. Ledger for example ?

  30. Maaaaate do not spend any time on “yo-yo” da Vinci… they’re a dime a dozen… its like sitting in a stadium with 50,000 going for one team and yep, 50,000 going for the other team… don’t worry about him… Safemoon investors are winners we are all WINNERS… yo yo is a looser just 4bagging… johnyb land of Oz…

  31. I read the WP it doesnt seem like it does anything other than put your money through a washing machine and eventually theyll have NFTs I dont see how this is evolutionary or not a game of hot potato like every other crypto that doesnt have a product or purpose other than to get rich.

  32. I hear you…. you dont know how many globtards Ridicule me for being a flat Earther, yet they have no idea how their own model works… research, research and research

  33. Bro don’t pay attention to the trolls or any of the fud, let the crypto talk for its self. We all know where Safemoon is going 🌗🌗! But just advice and don’t take it the wrong way please, if you want people to take us serious stop with that hats and ridiculous glasses. Dress and act more professional and people might hush. Just advice! I listen to you guys everyday literally on my way to and back from work! You guys do a great job with sharing information. Keep it up

  34. No reason to compare Safemoon and Drip to push your narrative. All cryptos get labeled as a ponzi sometime in their life. It reminds me of talking to my friends in crypto and they still wont touch SFM. Either you believe in the project or you dont. But for me…. its rare… but drip gives me a horrible feeling and my gut says stay away. I came in with an open mind but its not for me. If others want to gamble with it, go ahead… but you will never convince me about Drip. If for whatever reason im wrong and Drip becomes a top crypto, then so be it. But its not your job to convince people to buy. Report some news but dont worry about what other people think. Do what you want to do.

  35. Some people are so “addicted” to one crypto they can’t see anything besides what is in there own head. “Addiction” is a bitch.