The Metahero Grand Unveiling | Impressed Or Underwhelmed? | Crypto Expo Dubai | The Crypto Hour

The Meta-scanner is huuuuuge!

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  1. im also in tenset and kanga etc… not changed same visions for me

  2. I also thought the chamber was huge. Hope it didn’t scare investors away. I feel they do need to make it smaller though. Still holding and hope it does well.

  3. Love the Video. We will have the first mover advantage. We are building 24 scanners in 2022. The next 24 will not be this huge. The one in Dubai is more of a show and unveiling. U are being objective and not spreading fud. Legit warranted questions. I had no expectations therfore displayed no emotions. I have friends at the front line with Hero team. Mad pics on the telegram. Come on and ask for me GodsGod. Let’s get u introduced . More over? the end game for me is, the world’s largest database of degetezied objects in the World. That is the end game. Portal. Personally ridding with Rob, team and project. RIDE OR DIE on this one.

  4. For clothing stores there will be a smaller version of the scanner… Rob already spoke about this.

  5. I can definitely understand the size being of concern but the plan is to be able to build these strategically throughout the world so they will not be moved around you just show up and get scanned

  6. There will be a smaller chambers to bro….they allready sad that……and btw ..tell me what new crypto project on the market wright now does have such usecase and actual product behind it. This is only 4 mth old project…..wait a couple of years and then we can talk about it….we will see the biggest crypto mass adoption that the world has ever seen..Im sure about it!!!! …stay well :-)

  7. As far as I can see dubai summit is still going. It’s the deals and investors from this exposure that will come afterwards. Not sure what all these paper hand boys expect to happen instantly. All the scans that are currently happening are yet to even be rendered by wdw as they have so many people to get through. Wait until all the content of the finished scans start to come out and are shared online in the coming days. There was a reporter from a large investment publication that interviewed Rob and got scanned so wait until stuff like that is out after the summit and then watch the fomo.

  8. Longterm holder Metahero from Amsterdam!!
    This is so huge we gonna be soooo brooooo!! Just hold en enjoy the ride!! 🎢🚀🤑🤑🤑🤑

  9. People flip floppin after that bad live stream is understandable and the safe thing to do. that being said im still in cause of the use case

  10. Some updates for you guys. Big dubai players moving in. Rob just had the president of Dubai at his booth surrounded by his security team. It was phenomenal, tons of Dubai VIPs speaking to the team and getting scanned. They released a scan today and OMG the tech is mind blowing. BETTER than I thought. This is cutting edge, once influencers get involved and big companies team up, ooft! Gateway to the metaverse baby. Feel sorry for the weak ass beta males who sold. big mistake! You will not be disappointed, the marketing is just getting started after Dubai and there is so much coming up!! Tier 1 exchange round the corner!!

  11. I think of it like this… What makes a better first impression, have set up a big “stage” or a small chamber where barely 2 ppl fit in? This is an expo, you have to get ppls attentions or you get passed by.
    I’d assume, there are smaller versions already planned if not already existing.

  12. The event was a good exposure for the project however it was managed horribly especially from a marketing point of view. Camera and sound was Shithouse. Did they hired a 16yr old to shoot the video? Overall I love the project. Hope they can improve 🙏

  13. Bro man personally I feel that these big scanners should be place in big cities like Vegas but yes I feel that they should move towards a lot more then just gaming .. this could be a bug social media meet up.. internet dating .. biz meeting .. etc

  14. Metahero has gotten a lot of attention n hype but they do need to live up to it also I feel that this was a buy the hype sell the news thing but meta do need more use case.. load up the meta verse … live streaming… avatars… whatever it is make it easily accessible

  15. You’re spot on! I like the project, but yeah seems like they could have made it smaller.