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The Next $AXS? How To Join The Guild of Guardians Token Public Sale!

Guardians Corporation are excited to announce the public sale of the Guild of Guardians token. Guild of Guardian tokens are an ERC-20 token which will be used as the in-game currency in the Guild of Guardians mobile game.

On WEDNESDAY the 10th of NOVEMBER 2021, at 6pm UTC, users with a CoinList account will be able to purchase Guild of Guardians Token from the Coinlist Website. I’m super excited about this!

Sign up on Coinlist using my referral code:

0:00 – Introduction
0:58 – Disclaimer
2:56 – Token utility
6:45 – My thoughts on utility
9:10 – Setting up Coinlist
10:21 – Sale options
14:23 – How high can it go?
17:00 – Registration
20:00 – FAQs
22:30 – Final thoughts

Coinlist page:

GoG announcement:



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  1. who all will be able to participate in the auction. I applied for this 3 days back yet to on my own research.

  2. Good morning Sir Miggy I don’t have passport ID can i still register in coinlist? thank you so much :)

  3. Hi how will the payment be done? Do you like have to do like a pancakeswap or like with a credit car or PayPal?

  4. Hi Man, good video.. but im still confuse about participating the sales. I get that anyone in AUS CANANDA AND US cannot participate initial sales. but what does initial sales mean ? is it like one day event or since 10th Nov till a certain date ?

  5. you have any predictions on when they will release this to be able to be bought by everyone??!

  6. good eve sir, safe po ba magBuy sa Pre-sale ng GOG token sa coinlist?
    at ano masasabi ninyo sa Squid Game Token?

  7. GOG and AXIE are the Web 3.0 versions of World of Warcraft and Pokemon. I’m posting a video about this tomorrow, and using their financials to predict GOG price.

  8. Dont u think 0,075 is a very high price if u look to the total supply of 1 billion tokens ?

  9. Sir how long before your registration got approved by coinlist. Does it really take 7 days?

  10. how long did it take before the confirmation of identity verification? its been 2 days on mine :(

  11. Hi bud. Question when AxieInfinity started, how would anyone have known it would grow this large. Would tracking the number of user be one way? Is that even a possibility ? And what other ways can you refer. Thank you very much

  12. What makes you invest in a certain game. Is it BAT better to buy in thur beginning or after

  13. We are sorry to inform you that registration for Guild of Guardians Option 1 is now closed.
    Is there another way to buy GOG tokens?

  14. Damn I came across this video today and I’m too late..registration already closed😔

  15. I made account 5 hours before registration closed, but it is still in pending(not verified) will i be able to take part?

  16. I’m having trouble transferring usdc to my coinlist wallet from my trust wallet, any suggestions???