The Secret Passive Income Machine: Yield Farming

Make money yield farming. Liquidity providing. Crypto passive income.
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Since the summer of 2020, DeFi has been on fire… and many investors have turned to yield farming as a way to make even more capital. Many people use the terms “yield farming”, “liquidity providing” and “staking” interchangeably but there are differences in what they mean and how much you can make.

Staking refers broadly to the rewards you get through the validation process of proof-of-stake blockchains.

Staking and yield farming are similar in the sense that they allow investors to earn a return on their assets but yield farming is a bit more.. intensive.. This means the potential for a higher return.

Yield farming
Crypto passive income
Liquidity providing
Make money liquidity providing

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  1. One of the best channels, great content, great presentation, everything from an objective angel:-)

  2. My man thank you, now I don’t have to spend time explaining this to newbies anymore because you covered pretty much all the bases. I’ll just send this video to them from now on lmao

  3. I wish I had had this video 8 months ago when I was trying to learn all of this. It would have saved a lot of headaches.

  4. Staking rewards for Cardano are the same in percentage .. no matter the quantity you are staking??? right???

  5. I wish more people would be able to explain stuff as well as you do. Keep up the good work Max!

  6. I seriously appreciate your videos…started trading and investing a couple months ago…and after watching your videos I can soundly explain and help my friends take their leap as well…keep up the great work man! 👍🏾

  7. The only video that answered all my questions re Liquidity pool. Keep it up man. You have my sub.

  8. from intro to end…this video was full with information..once host start speaking viewers cannot stop focusing or rest..

  9. Liquidity Pool farming makes perfect sense when you have little to no gas fees. Time to leave ETH network and enter FTM network. Bridge your tokens from ETH to FTM.

  10. How do I “stake” my crypto? I simply have crypto ( bitcoin, cardano ) As well as you explain Max, Im still confused.

  11. Will government companies be able to regulate staking and yielding in the years to come? If so will this be detrimental

  12. wouldn’t impermanent loss affect someone invested in a stablecoin going against something like ethereum? since the stablecoin price will never change?

  13. Hey Max, so the only thing I’m confused on is this: Can you withdraw your amount that you gave to the liquidity, or is that money considered gone, and you’re counting on the daily returns to eventually surpass your amount deposited?

  14. great info .. I was on Binance yesterday trying to figure the difference between their Pool and Liquid swap

  15. I loved you as a pro wrestler, now you give us financial advices. Thank you Edge!

  16. Max thanks for this video seems like most of the commenters are just talking about trading I only want to yield farm been trying to work on this for over a month still need some detailed help do you do step-by-step instruction on your Patreon account?

  17. That last part really hit home for me. I provided 4k to a shib LP a few months ago. Now I’m left in the dust watching it go parabolic. Opportunity cost can be a bitch.

  18. Wish the video was bookmarked so I can repeated easily jump to each method. This is a good resource for me to reference. Thank you!

  19. this is a great video. max your channel offers some of the best value on youtube

  20. When we can do single coin trading liquidity? As you mentioned uniswap, pancake swap & other platforms are for double sided liquidity ; kindly do mention the platforms for single coin too.. Thanks :)

  21. I love how Max breaks it down and provides the information we actually seek. Instead of click baiting and asking for money. This man is giving us money in information. Thank you so much sir!!

  22. Everyone needs to find what gives true financial freedom and happiness, if your 9-5 gives you that then keep it!
    I Just found your channel max. You rock 👍

  23. It’s a good idea, but only if you’re holding the underlying asset to begin with. Otherwise there’s a risk of that asset losing value while you stake or yield.

    However, stable coins are very good for bypassing this….but then the transaction fees need to be low enough so you don’t lose when you buy and sell the stable coin.

  24. Thanks Max. This video helped me understand these concepts a lot better… you’re one of my favorite cryptotubers

  25. It’s great when platforms run liquidity incentives so you can fold. I find impermanent loss isn’t really an issue anymore because of LP auto com-pounders.

  26. Thank you thank you…. Finally a video by someone that explains this all in a straightforward, easy to understand fashion.

  27. 2021 I did my best to learn crypto after relationship break down ya know any distraction helps. Luckily I fell into crypto. I’ve broke even on my small wallet now. So 2022 I’m going to focus on building my children a wallet.

    I think small so I only hope the wallet can 10x in 10yrs which is a huge gamble it will be around in 10yrs isn’t it. Especially low cap new coins so I know I have to be extra carful since its a wallet I dont want to be logging into much. I just want to load it up with 20$ here and there of the crappie coins that you never know. Once happy with the crap coin selection lotto picks.

    I’ll copy the addresses for main coins like eth and bnb and just send those without logging in. As I know ther will be a day im hungry no money but some crypto. So i would like to lock it up. Mayb ill even try this lend stuff with the children’s wallet. If there is a Dapp in trust wallet I can do it from.

  28. im seriously blown away by the free content u put up for us noob for real im truly grathful for this content keep it up
    from the bottom of my heart thank you i wish u the best

  29. The best strategy is to do an LP for the biggest gainers but do it with a stable coin or the gas of the crypto. This way you can make a huge gain when it tanks and everyone sells out of it and puts it into the gas token or the pegged currency. You can make serious gains this way.

  30. excellent video. in a yield farming situation, what happens if both assets go up? you mentioned rebalancing if one goes up and the other doesn’t but what if they both skyrocket or even just climb slowly?

  31. what about gas fees? i heard this was a major issue and wanted to find out how to minimize this in liquidity pools

  32. Thank you this is the only video that I’ve found that’s actually explained it in a way I can understand

  33. You Edgecuted that perfectly. I mean executed.. Great information thumbs up in my book.

  34. I didn’t know about the liquidity mining!!
    I’ve been liquidity providing over Osmosis for 3 or 4 months I think, and made already like 4x despite the crypto crash, but I’ll definitely look into this liquidity mining thing. Thanks for your videos!

  35. As always, Thanks Max! The reason I don’t stake on a truly DEFI platform is bcuz I don’t fully understand it. Maybe one day u make a video?? Until then, I’m good with what u threw out there today 👍

  36. Earned a sub for explaining things clearly! Been trying to wrap my head around farming for a while now. Wish I found this vid first 🤣 nice one man

  37. You’re very informative.. you are very great at teaching all this information. I wish I could sit down face to face and learn as much info from you.

  38. Thank you for this video! That cleared up a lot of questions I had about yield farming