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How to get crypto airdrops
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Getting an Airdrop into your account can mean thousands of dollars in free crypto. However, in order to increase how much you can earn with airdrops, there are some best practices you must follow…As well as some severe red flags you must avoid because an avoidable mistake here can cost you your entire crypto wallet.

So, what is an airdrop exactly?

An airdrop is when a protocol sends free tokens to users who were early on their platform. Essentially thanks for being a first customer.

Airdrops don’t happen exclusively with tokens that launch, but it’s a common occurrence.

The first airdrop that started it all was the Uniswap airdrop that happened in September 2020.

At the time of launch, anyone who used the Uniswap decentralized exchange at least once received approximately 400 UNI tokens.. which was worth $1200 at the time.

There are airdrops coming out all the time and this is a guide to receiving airdrops

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  1. I thought edge from WWE is now into crypto 🤣, sorry mate but awesome video ❤️

  2. is this threat a one time only??
    I mean… i click somewhere the add token button and if my wallet get stolen, nothing will happen in the future??
    Is this interaction just for that transaction or they get access to my wallet for as long as they want??
    Thanks for the video, really helpful!

  3. 8:10 when you only got 20% of the average yearly salary in a couple hours 😫😫

  4. Love your video….first time watching your channel …i am so impressed ❤🔥🚀

  5. Hi,
    I think it is a great video, but I was wondering , when adding arbitrum, do I need to add money to it or just adding it is okay?

  6. So is an airdrop event bullish for the token price? I’d imagine it would be bearish since most would sell their air drop tokens for their profit right?

  7. I see tons of hacked YouTube accounts playing fake airdrop videos usually late at night. First clue only one video on the channel. Second clue only one crypto video on the channel and lots of non financial videos. These cons are literally stealing YouTube accounts then creating a false airdrop but playing actual old outdated airdrop videos. You send them coins and they simply keep them! We Must report these videos as spam in order to get them taken down.

  8. Crypto Island dazzling NFT with use cases is creating a clear path towards decentralization!

  9. remember that Richard Heart already finishing forking ETH , thats how pulse chain become alive. in that event you gonna get copy all your eth assets on pulsechain. remember you need to move them in 30 days to another wallet or just sell

  10. Hello max what does me subscribing monthly does please?
    I want to know, any benefits on my part???
    I just wanna learn how to make money online!!!

  11. Any thought about the CMC airdrops? Do you really have to fill out all the requirements?

    For traders, $OLE will be distributed according to their volume and the timespan of the positions.

    For lenders, $OLE will be distributed according to the timespan and quantity of lending.

    Traders will have more rewards allocated than lenders.

  13. Bro do i need a VPN for the Sologenic airdrop? I’m in the U.S.A. the snapshot is tomorrow. Please answer
    Thank you so much

  14. Bro… Are you really “selling” signal ?… You should know this is forbidden…

  15. On my trust wallet it says there is, in fact an arbitrium token and it’s $4K per token. What’s up with this?

  16. This video just made me $18k at current prices!!! You mentioned ENS and I had bought a couple of names, so I went to their website… and got a very nice surprise. With this and last week’s VPAD IDO, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Thank you!!!

  17. you should’ve broken down the transaction signature details when you got scammed so viewers can know what to look out for in the actual transaction.

  18. Hi Max, new to it all but this video peaked my interest, am awful at investing lol. However seen an airdrop for vvs via tectonic, Red the whitepaper and seems quite an easy one to do, but so many different nets are confusing as well as the slippage everywhere. But thought you might like to know as it is being started on 17/18th Jan, might be a good one.

  19. I don’t see add custom RPC on the drop down menu at the top when I click it.

    Any suggestions??

  20. Still dont get how you find these big platforms for airdrops? I understand not having a native token but finding them not sure.

  21. In what situations should you have/use numerous wallets? For example you mentioned the guy complaining about the air drop used over 200 wallets. Why?

  22. Chris Broderick after leaving Megadeth and getting big in the crypto industry.

  23. I try to avoid air drop chasing bcos scammers operate those lies mostly. I got APEnft air drop and its still worthless lol.

  24. Ive never considerd patreon at all but i would like to get it here but i cant afford it yet and because its an unknown thing to me its a low priority thing when i do have some money but im cancelling my ps plus right now and hopefully next check ill come see. Hoping you can tell me where to go for free beans. Right now i only get free beans by getting in new token then getting out asap with free beans left in lol. But that hasnt really worked since the summer. Error 404 lol. Ill try another video to check in.

  25. Can you provide the credentials for the other test networks in your metamask?

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