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The Stock Market Collapse Round 2 Has Begun!

The Stock Market Collapse Round 2 Has Begun!

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  1. There is only a handful of stocks holding this Ponzi scheme up. It’s only going to take one big player to crash!

  2. Volatile market might as well trade it. So,d sqqq right before 4 and added tqqq

  3. Don’t think so, volatility is too low. Not enough fear. Don’t expect panic selling yet. This is a typically bullish slower grind time of year.

  4. S&P 500 average earnings per share have already collapsed from 7+% to 1.3%!! This is well hidden by the relative strength of the FANG stocks!! What is also vital to the stockmarket is the lower consumer spending attached to the last quarter of 2021 which highlights the fact that inflation is making it highly likely that consumers cannot afford some of these higher prices.

  5. Two steps down one step up. I don’t buy the dip, but if you do be prepared to quickly dump if the market moves against you.

  6. Bit coin is up 2.89% crypto currency,
    Shiba inu is up 1.8% digital currency
    Elon/dogelon mars crypto currency on is up 4.46%
    Others up too

    The company’s 1st quarter revenue forecast is for $112 billion-$117 billion. The Street was expecting guidance of $120 billion.

  8. Protect myself from inflation I buy coins XRP XLM Chainlink Algorand Mana gold and silver I am already up %7 in 10 days

  9. Meltdown? The stocks I’m watching either system the same or went up. I can only hope there will be a crash 👍

  10. Nope its a bear trap .. just buy the dip and keep buying ..the dipper the better

  11. Well as every thing keeps going up with inflation solve and gold just gets cheeper and cheeper 😁

  12. ‘Round 2’. Lol. You been calling round 2 for 2 years mate. 🤣🤦‍♂️

    PS: Futures have rallied massively – but you won’t mention that as you only promote fear for clicks and subs. 👍

    You must be a right laugh at the pub. 🤡

  13. cancel prime and drive or walk to your local shop,support your local economy or die hungry

  14. AMZN has saved the day but we are still below the 14 Week Moving Average.

  15. It is understandable to apply past experiences to future outcomes but you also have to understand that ANYTHING can happen , there are more younger people, including myself, 21, getting into the stock market more than ever before these past 2 years, an anomaly is forming through this change but fearful people will always assume that it will never workout, I had DOGE when it was 0.05 cents/ share & everyone around me were so pessimistic, looking for all the reasons to explain to me why it will crash &/or be stagnant, later that month, DOGE rises an unbelievable percentage of 250,000% hitting 70 CENTS/share, everyone didn’t say shit to me because they knew how many shares I had! Faith is being confident in uncertain times, this is one of them

  16. This is just another way for the insiders to make even more $$ because to me it genuinely felt like everything has been selling off for literally no reason, I mean companies with enough cash on hand to pay off debt like NVDA, PLTR and many others… This is the time to buy I mean many stocks are down over 50% off their highs and in the dumpster, I’ve been buying continuously and am gonna continue to buy as cash comes in because there is a huge rally waiting to happen.

  17. If anyone thinks the stock markets have hit bottom and will rise….they’re a complete idiot! The only rises we’ll see in the short term are dead cat bounces! The markets are in a super bubble, inflation is out of control, interest rates are far too low and we could have a war between Russia and Ukraine. A huge global financial crash is unavoidable…..🙄

  18. At this point, we should all take advantage of ANY dip. Nobody can predict crypto,

  19. Told ya so. Now, earnings flat. Consumer spending down. Stimis gone and savings declining. Credit card debt will rise. Prices will continue to then rise as supply chains open. Stagflation my friends. Increases in Aus wages would even make it worse. So, inflation is the beast that WILL determine everything. Demand has been artificially stimulating ALL markets and now we’ll see. Good luck 🤔

  20. This guy changes sentiment with the wind…
    Try having some conviction big guy – where will equities be in 6, 12 and 24 months…
    You flip from one day to the next.
    Well, at least you’re getting some clicks to pay the bills.
    Nothing like an unproductive YouTube talking head driving our economy.
    Admittedly, I click for a laugh.
    However, I feel sorry for the people following this type of unqualified crap losing their shirts.
    Go buy precious metals he says, as prices prepare to fall off a cliff…
    Winners are original thinkers. That’s a fact.


  22. Yesterday’s market close is just a springboard for today’s huge rally has the manipulated markets still do the same thing over and over big but day today you know obviously manipulated markets.

  23. small gains, trick small investors to buy, big players dump and clean up… get out while you can, avoid crypto like warm shit…..only long term safe place is gold and silver or pay off the mortgage.

  24. If you have BTC and hyperinflation starts, the Gov will restrict Cryptocurrency but…you can always go to el Salvador

  25. Markets are all over the shop – this shows NO ONE knows what to do so it will default to the human nature of fear of the unknown and hence the inevitable crash

  26. Buying a stock is easy, but buying the right stock without a time-tested strategy is incredibly hard. So what are the best stocks to buy now or put on a watchlist? According to Susan Carol Agiert signal Deere (DE), Travelers (TRV), Cheniere Energy (LNG), CF Industries (CF) and Matson (MATX) are prime candidates.
    Since the coronavirus bear market, stocks rebounded powerfully. The strong action reflected rising confidence that the economy will eventually recover from the coronavirus.
    But with inflation worries growing, and the Federal Reserve taking a more hawkish approach to interest rates and bond purchase tapering, a correction is underway.

  27. Snap up good profitable blue chip dividend paying stocks at a discount.
    In times like these people move to the blue chips, and get out of the speculative stocks, and the crap that has never made a buck

  28. The Curtain is being removed and the end off the US stock market dominance is Done. The future is European Pharma stocks! NovoNordisk & BioNtech is my pick!

  29. Contrgrats on 100k subs Michael…
    And congrats on being wrong on EVERY major investment advice you have dished out 😂

  30. Curious that the PM’s dipped too. Get physical gold and silver in your possession.

  31. *Binances BTC-exchange having a glith with the exchange rate on it*
    *exchanges right now btc like x10 price to ethereum*
    *I posted vldeo*

  32. Yup just like I said when you were advising people to buy the dip. Again I will state people who have not studied market trends during the 1929 and early 2000s dotcom crash should have no business giving financial advise. If you listen to this man you WILL get burned. There are peaks and valleys in down trends during a crash the market doesn’t function in an elevator. You have selloffs, those buying the dip, and people shorting on the way down. There were amazing rallies on the way down in 1929 and during the dot com bubble crash. If you listen to this man, you will end up spending the next 2 decades trying to regain your capital at base line.

  33. I’ve lost quite a good number of coins in the current dip, I just hope I find a way to recover from such a massive loss.

  34. Anyone who is not investing now is missing a tremendous opportunity.”
    Imagine investing and receiving $9,500 weekly profits
    Karen investment is the best

  35. Do you think that in the future we could have a inflation death trap? Low interest rates create inflation and so could high interest rates if the government debt interest payments get high enough. What do you think?

  36. The real danger is a collapse in businesses. Vital businesses that provide goods and services. That keep the economy and people alive. And many of these businesses are vital to supply chains. Is anyone even watching the commercial real estate sector? That was the big worry 2 years ago. But its gone quiet. Because its a horror story. All those fancy building and airports are now worth zero. This hasn’t even been factored in because the Fed have sucked up all the bonds and loans for these quietly to protect the richest people once again. I’m telling you now. Your lives will be destroyed by the closure of commercial real estate everywhere. But how vile is it that tax payer money will be wasted to save the rich owners of these buildings. But while you worry about inflation which they will not move to stifle. The rich are quietly being bailed out. You and all the so called people in the know are being blinded by the daily garbage about inflation. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT INFLATION! Got it? They care about the collapse of businesses which would trigger another $30 trillion in money printing. Yes its bad.