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The stock market saw a very historical day as investors witnessed the biggest 1 day decline in market cap EVER & also saw the biggest 1 day advance in market cap ever. FB stock soured the mood this morning, shedding over $250B in market cap, but after hours earnings from AMZN saved the NASDAQ as investors regained hope. This makes tomorrow that much more important as the Non-Farm Payroll release can unleash more volatility as investors play the back and forth game responding to earnings. I go over my predictions and what I expect and what would create a bullish or bearish market reaction. At the end of the day, its all about what the Fed will do, so if tomorrows report can change that, we will see a big move and more repricing. We also got other big earnings from SNAP, PINS & CLX, so we should have a lot in store for tomorrow! ITS GOING TO BE EXCITING SO I HOPE YOU ARE READY!


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  1. If only i got one share of UWMC everytime Josh said the stock market was going to go insanee

  2. LOL fake EPS plus lower guidance grow from 15% to 3-8% this will be downgraded 🤷‍♂️

  3. QQQ Futures are ripping thank God if I can sell these calls for 1K profit! I needed it because I panic sold my NVDA calls at a 540 loss. Goes to show do not put too much money into plays so you can’t handle them going to 0.

  4. Well those AMZN gains will help Jeffery pay for that bridge removal for his Superyaht =-)

  5. I would not set expectations too high. The market will not rise because of 2 companies. It will an sell on News

  6. The market seems fearful and fickle. Big moves without commitment. What would help stabilize l? Less news? Less overreacting?

  7. All stocks clapped. Snap can still shave off and drop heavily considering overall markets.

  8. Ford doing back might be bullish for TSLA, gonna take some lotto plays if it’s looking primed to run.

  9. If I had amzn calls. I’d probably sell at market open and book the profits. A win is a win. I’ve definitely lost out on gains because I wanted just a little bit more. Best of luck to all the chads, the choice is yours. May the faith be with you all. Swiss profits baby

  10. bahaha scratched cornea. $SNAP is going to keep moving, we are going back 80$ levels

  11. I liked the video as if I’m time stamping my attendance for historical purposes 😂 “YoungBuffett was here”

  12. It was weird how high the vix was yesterday- all day, yet the spy really didn’t drop much in comparison.

  13. Josh you’re an inspiration to anyone who wants financial freedom. Thank you for all you do

  14. Thank you for all you do God bless for the daily knowledge and God bless you your family and your team

  15. Everybody is looking for the Big Play in this clapped market. The focus is on Amazon, Facebook, and Snapchat, but in reality, NOW is the time to be scooping up DIVIDEND PAYING stocks that are beat down with the overall market. IVR, Invesco Mortgage Capital pays $0.09 quarterly, and is $2.60 a share. $0.36 cents on $2.60 yearly. Smart people know that’s a great return. Also, Josh seems to be ignoring everyone that asks about UWMC. And A LOT of people are asking… So what’s the deal with UWMC???????

  16. Imagine that, our government probably leaked that video of Russia to help start WW3. Fun times.

  17. Thank you Josh for maintaining the flow in this environment. Your honest opinions are a part of my foundation of life.

  18. TO all roblox shareholders. Roblox is becoming a cesspool of child abuse. Know what your investing in.
    Why invest in cigarette company. What kind of role model are we teaching our young generation…..

  19. Remember. “You can’t teach a man something he thinks he already knows.”

  20. Hey Josh when you were playing Titanic music and 😭 screaming women and children first…was your cornea scratched? Lol i didn’t know robots cry 😁